Proconsul report - November 2020.


Proconsul report - November 2020.


Greetings Odanites!

In this report, I'd like to touch on some of the most recent topics in the Clan and close ut the second chapter of the Seven Pillars event.

Seven Pillars Episode II: Jedha

I'm posting this nearly a month after grading the event itself. These past few months have been harsh on my free time so I apologize for the lateness. But, as they say, better late than never.

First of all, I would like to say that these events were my own brainchild which I wanted to share with COU members as my own little project/event. It would have been a detached story, away from the overarching stories of the Clan and the DB, and would allow for some diversity in the stories we tell. That said, I never expected a huge number of participants. Each entry you submitted made my day and I enjoyed every single one.

A winner must be had, in the end, and the top three spots went to Essik Lyccane, Raziel, and Jaftist respectively. You guys had some excellent entries and they were well worth the reward. Thank you to everyone else who participated, as well.

The Seven Pillars storyline will continue soon, and on a new planet with new things to discover.

Short recap

The story of Seven Pillars follows a mixed research team of Vatali, Quorahi, civilian scientists, Jedi, and Peacekeepers on the search for Kiast's lost Jedi lore. The story started at the Velastari temple, where vast chambers of ancient artifacts and carvings were found deep underneath the foundations. The researchers found the Cave of Light, a wide room with murals describing an ancient war between powerful beings fought over Kiast. One reference leads to Jedha and a group of researchers traveled to the moon while the rest remained on Kiast to further examine the cave. While on Jedha, the research team and their security encountered many new friends and enemies among the remnants, from pirates and slavers to religious cults and tribes of Force worshipers.

Read more in the previous fiction entries: * Seven Pillars Episode I: Velastari * Seven Pillars Episode II: Jedha

Seven Pillars Episode II: Jedha - epilogue

Research camp Cradle of the Wanderer Several weeks later

Vorsa paced across the tent floor, the soles of her sandals tapping against the grating the only sound she produced as the professor frantically scanned through yet another holo from the dig. She had been there for the past hour, patiently waiting for the professor to fish his task before they conversed. The ancient Jedi's infinite calm had been shaken of late by the ever-increasing attacks from local pirates and slaver gangs circling around the dig site like sand-bats around a meal. Her Jedi and peacekeepers were already stretched thin by the most recent war on Arx, and without more supplies coming from Kiast they would have to abandon Jedha very soon. The Duros was acutely aware of this fact as well, and his efforts to learn something, anything valuable, were tripled.

“You see this cartouche? It is clearly a name. Numut, or Nomut. It is hard to tell.” The Duros rambled more to himself than the General. “And this references the same person as a leader of the ‘children of the Will’.”

Read the rest of the fiction here: Seven Pillars Episode II: Jedha - epilogue

Events and competitions

10 years of Odan-Urr!

2020 may be the worst year in this century, but it marks a very special date: Odan-Urr's 10th birthday, and my what a ride it was. From a burgeoning House shaky on its feet to the Clan we are today. I am immensely proud of every member who contributed to the Clan's rise in the past several years. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy the Clan for years to come. Happy birthday COU!

Now, go participate in the event: A Decade in the Light: Ten Years of Odan-Urr :D


...don’t forget the Scimitar of Lord Hoth - November 2020! :)

Sharing some art!

I'd like to share some of our members' art, whether made by their own hand or commissioned.

  1. Larun and Oriana - made by Mikado13 on DeviantArt for A'lora Kituri

  1. Aura Ta'var - made by Olena Minko of DeviantArt for Aura

  1. Tydul Kor - made by KaelaCroft on DeviantArt for Gui Sol

Closing comments

This will be my final report as Proconsul of COU. Due to real-life constraints I can no longer provide the Clan with my time and thus I must say adieu! Aura will soon come out with the info on the new PCON. May they serve you better than I ever have! Thank you all for a most pleasant 2nd term and XO: :)

May the Force be with you.

Featured song: Samuel Kim - The Mandalorian - Viking mix (aka the Okami theme)

Thank you for everything V'yr. You've been a driving force for the Clan, a mentor, and a friend. You will be missed as PCON. Wishing you well.

Thanks for everything, Vyr. Clan leadership is a tough job and I appreciate the countless hours you've put towards COU.

great report Vyr. I'll miss you on the summit. Was great working with you. #bestTree

We greatly appreciate everything you've done. You're a great friend and mentor. Thank you V'yr and good luck!

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