Qel-Droma Aedile Report


Qel-Droma Aedile Report


Fifteen Page Fiction Omitted

You’re welcome

Alaris was left in control of House Qel-Droma and I haven’t started any fires, so it’s a good start. So, just like a certain Atty in Galares, this will be an Aedile Report! (Note: Please ignore the fact that the header says Quaestor Report)

It’s been almost three months since I became your Aedile and I’m loving it. Watching all of you competing your asses off in Fading Light has been a thrill. I got beat out last week by Aidan Kincaid, so we’re down to two Qel-Dromans left in the Sweet Sixteen of Fading Light 2. Celevon will be taking on He-who-defeated-me. Take it to him, Cel2. Timmeh is facing off against Kenath Zoron. Keep us alive!

Of course, we still have 3 other Arconans still left competing. Check out all their matches here:

Find them on IRC and cheer them on!

Member Updates

Award Lovin’:


  • Clusters of Ice x4
  • Scroll of the Master


  • Clusters of Fire x281
  • Pendats of Blood x2
  • Clusters of Ice x9
  • Crescents: 1 Emerald, 1 Amethyst


  • Clusters of Fire x30
  • Scroll of Indoctrination
  • Scrolls of Foundation x4


  • Clusters of Fire x308
  • Scrolls of Foundation x3
  • Cluster of Ice
  • Pendant of Blood


  • Clusters of Fire x23
  • Clusters of Ice x8
  • Crescent with Emerald Star
  • Anteian Cross


  • Scrolls of Foundation x3


  • Scrolls of Foundation x7
  • Cluster of Ice

Many congratulations to everyone!

From the Shadow Academy:

The SA saw one major contributor since our last report. Lexiconus has been dominating with a Dark Maven in Flight and another in Combat. He’s also passed the IRC Operator Studies, General Gaming, and Combat Tactics II course. Keep up the stellar work, Lexic!


I’d be crazy to forget mentioning Lexiconus’s crazy jump to Dark Jedi Knight! Congratulations, dude. Well deserved, my friend!


Valt and I would like to give a big warm welcome back to Cyris Oscura! How long has this guy been gone? The simple answer is “a long ass time.” I joined the Brotherhood in September of 2007; Cyris has been on hiatus since then. We’re so pleased to have you join HQD again after all this time. Be awesome.

Also having returned to us is Krant Altair. Let’s get working to get you to DJK!

Society Promos:

  • Celevon to GMRG V
  • Lexiconus to GMRG II
  • Alaris to GMRG VII

Another Moment With Alaris

I had the absolute coolest experience of my life recently. Some of you may know that a little over a month ago I closed a run of Les Miserables as Marius. It was one of the greatest stage experiences I’ve ever had. We sold out our performances constantly and were rewarded with standing ovations and massive cheers every night. This was freaking awesome.

More awesome than that was what happened on election day in Ontario. I was scrutineering one of the polling places when a woman came in with her kids. Her oldest daughter couldn’t have been any older than 16. She was not pleased to be there. She was bored off her freakin’ rocker. Her mom goes into vote and the girl glances around the room and makes eye contact with me. What followed was the coolest of things.

Her eyes shot wide open and her mouth gaped. She gasped audibly. It was the reaction that a Twihard fan girl would give if she saw Robert Patterwhateverhislastnameis in the street. “Omigod!” She blurted. “You’re Marius!” This was not a question. It was a statement of fact.

“Yes, yes I am.” I said sheepishly.

“You’re amazing! You made me cry! Can I give you a hug?”

I obliged. She thanked me, and she and her family left.

I’ve been on stage during a standing ovation. I’ve had people congratulate me in the street the next day, but that has never happened to me before. I may only be small town celebrity, but for her, running into me made her day. It made mine, too.


  • Fading Light is still going and there are five Arconans still in the mix.
  • Lexiconus is freaking awesome.
  • Cyris is back!
  • Alaris was a celebrity briefly.

In service,

OPM Alaris Jinn

Great report!

Loving the report, my friend. Though I must point out a bit of an error when you were giving recognition on the Qel-Droman's still in the ACC Tourney... Timeros is my XO. Therefore, I would assume he counts as a Qel-Droman. ;)

I'll try to avenge you and not get my ass kicked too hard. :P <3

Alaris, can I give you a hug?

I want a hug too :(. I knew you first!

Legz knew me first, Wally.

Timeros supercedes all House affiliations, Cel2. In fact, he supercedes all Clan affiliations. He is, and remains, Timeros Entar Arconae di Plagia di Plagia. I awarded him honorary di Plagia twice for exceptional trolling when I was CON over there.

I want to hug the Alaris too for being a mega awesome Aedile!


Timeros Entar Arconae di Plagia di Plagia

Great report, Alaris!

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