Quaestor Report #1 The Quaestor Returns.


Quaestor Report #1 The Quaestor Returns.


(Fiction update.)

Ektrosis was more than just a House of the Brotherhood. It was the living, beating heart of Clan Taldryan and you only had to look within the membership itself to understand this as fact. Everyone from the former Consul of the Clan himself to newly-promoted apprentices shed their blood sweat and tears for Taldryan. Worked for Taldryan. Killed for Taldryan. Fought for Taldryan without question. Why? Because Taldryan was a Brotherhood within a Brotherhood and no-one understood this better than those of House Ektrosis. It was more than a house, it was the Clan's very soul and the whole reason Taldryan existed in the first place.

Two decades, that's how long the House has stood strong. Two decades of war, strife and conflict, yet despite the shifts and changes that often come with times of need, relocation, purpose, war, or whatever kind of kark was thrown their way, the one constant was Ektrosis was always there, always watching and always vigilant.

Our Watch Eternal; Our Aegis Strong; Our Brotherhood Unbroken.

Full fiction can be read here.


Hello once again House Ektrosis! I'll try to make this brief since I'm sure most, if not all of you know who I am by now. So first things first…

alt text

I've always wanted to use that…

Ahem, anyways… So most of you know me by now, I'm Appius (or Zappius/Zappy to some) and I've upgraded from Aedile back into the seat of Quaestor! And despite the lingering smell of dead Twi'lek in my fancy new office, I'm really excited to have a second chance to lead this wonderful House and all you wonderful people within it.

Before I go any further, I'd like to thank Erinyes and Zxyl for giving me a second chance at this position and I aim to not disappoint.

So with that, let's get on with the bulk of this report!

Plans for the House?

Before I go any further I'd like to just quickly go over what the theme of the House is, I know I've touched on it in both previous reports and our Ektrosis chat, but essentially, Ektrosis is comprised of Taldryan's elite members that take the limelight. When one thinks of Taldryan, one can immediately look to Ektrosis. We are the face of the Clan that take on missions and operations and work closely with the community outreach to both improve our standing, as well negate any kind of backlash we may receive.

So, as for what the plans for the House are, as Zxyl touched on in his report, I've been working on ways to integrate the House into the Clan Storyline as well as House events to take place afterwards. What are those exactly? Well, you are just going to have to wait and see. ;)

What I will say is that I believe everyone should have a say in the House. I am a firm believer of member involvement so if you have any ideas you wish to express for the House, or any concerns you may have, I'm always available on Telegram or my email address, [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Lastly, I promise to monitor member activity throughout the House and give appropriate praise and awards where due. Speaking of which…

Awards and Praise

Since my last report, this is what members have achieved…

  • Rian Taldrya: Participated in 11 competitions and earned a Crescent with a Quartz Star.

  • Benevolent Taldrya Whiner: participated in 15 PvE events and passed 1 SA course.

  • Rakhai: participated in two competitions and earned one Crescent with an Emerald Star.

  • Raistline Taldrya Majere: participated in 3 competitions and 1 PvE game. Earned 1 Crescent with an Emerald Star and 1 Crescent with a Topaz Star

  • Shanree Argentin/Ghost Vodo: participated in 15 PvE games.

  • Meleu Karthdo: participated in 1 competition and 9 PvE games.

  • Tracinya Beviin Entar: participated in 6 competitions.

  • Dasha 'Jala' Talus: participated in 2 competitions and earned 2 Crescents with Sapphire Stars.

  • Crysenia Orainn: Participated in 1 competition and 2 PvE games.

Excellent work everyone! And I'm sure there's plenty more great things to come!

Ask Appius Anything

  • Xantros asks: where do you take so interesting Character Questions from?

Literally at the top of my head. As weird as that might sound. I trained as an Actor, believe it or not and you have to ask a lot of questions about characters you play so some of it comes from that, I think. 😂

  • Benevolent asks: Have you had to do any Zoom conferences this year, and if so, what is the funniest virtual background someone has used in a business meeting?

I have, but unfortunately they've all had the camera's turned off! Except this one time someone decided it would be a good idea to go out for a walk during it and forgot to turn off her mic and camera…

  • GhostVodo asks: What's the worst word in the English language?


  • Crysenia asks: what plans are there for destroying The Ring?

Ok... So here's my plan. We are going to go to Mustafar and drop it from the top of the ruins of Vader's castle into the lava river below. It ain't Mordor, but it's the next best thing.

Member Projects

I'd like to use this opportunity to highlight some member projects I know are ongoing at the moment!

Into the Wild Black Yonder - a co-op fiction by Shanree and Crysenia.

Home - a co-op fiction by myself and Dasha.

Tracinya - working on a co-op Fiction to bring the new character into Taldryan and Ektrosis!

Mandalorian Season 2

No doubt you have all seen the Justicar's Report, you know there is a spoiler ban in place for episodes of the new season of the Mandalorian.

I will be enforcing this in our Ektrosis House Chat as well. So for one week after an episode is released there will be a complete "do not spoil the Mandalorian in here!" as per CoJ guidelines. I doubt anyone in the House would actually spoil the show, but I do ask that you respect the rule in our House chat as you do in any other djb channels.


That will be all from me for now. I hope you all enjoyed the fiction update and I look forward to working with you all towards the future!

Appius "Zappius" Wight (House Ektrosis Quaestor)

Great job here, friend. Very thorough and informative!

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