Quaestor Report 4: Raist's 115th Dream


Quaestor Report 4: Raist's 115th Dream


Kinda short since I lost the original.

Ektrosis News

  • Djasei put out a very solid first report as Battle Team Sergent.
  • Aiden Lee blew through a ton of courses reaching IV rank (Junior) in the Shadow Academy

DJB News

  • Star Wars: Uprising has been out less than 10 days and the DJB already has one guild filled up. Its a pretty decent toilet game in the style of Diablo with some added micro management. Come join us in the second guild DJB Hit Squad
  • Calindra Hejaran has become a new ACC judge. You can read more about Calindra and the upcoming news to the ACC in Marick's report
  • The Herald gives us more to drool over with more non-Force custom designs and teasers to come.
  • Some panda got a long long overdue promotion. Sure, you can grats him on irc or telegram but I think he'd rather you drink a beer or 23 in his honor and then do all things in that order.

Star Wars News

  • Careful on book reviews. Legends fans are attacking new books in reviews. You can read the full story here. I'll admit I have a huge soft spot for the Legends books, but reboots and partial reboots happen and can be a great way to clean a universe (unless its DC where you need several flow charts to follow the story.) I suggest checking the reviews of DJB members rather than Amazon or Goodreads atm.

- Cambells is putting out Star Wara sphegettios


There are some locally run comps here in Tal:

And as always, check out other competitions at https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions
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