Quizmaster - New Position and State of Trivia


Quizmaster - New Position and State of Trivia


Greetings Brotherhood,

As Arch mentioned in the Shadow Academy update there is a new position that has been opened up, Quizmaster. I wanted to say hello and outline the direction I want trivia to go in the future. I hope this will be an exciting time for us as a club in regards to trivia. I am going to expand the scope of trivia and add at least one more day during the week. Here are some of the details below.

Firstly, all trivia will be run through me. This way it is all set up in a uniform manner and the bot can be used accordingly. If you want to run trivia in a manner that doesn’t use the bot, for example a competition where you list questions and ask for answers, that is still fine. The trivia I am referring to is anything that has a question and at least 3 to 4 predetermined possible answers which need the bot.

I will need at least a one week notice for your competition so that I can set it up in the bot and schedule it for the timeframe you want it to be run at. Each question will need to be clearly marked and have the minimum answers setup below it. You should place your correct answer in a different spot for each question so that members don’t pick up a pattern of answers, ex. All answers are A.

Next, with regards to trivia as a whole. I want to expand it beyond just Star Wars trivia. Sunday will be reserved for all things Star Wars, however, I think Wednesday will be a good day to do other trivia. Wednesday nights around 5:30pm EST similar to Sunday hours. It seems to put the trivia time in the middle of most of our memberships evenings or late afternoons. Any show, movie, or cartoon could be used for this trivia night. I will focus mainly on things I have seen membership talk about in the past, Stargate, Star Trek, Farscape, and more. I want us to create a bigger love for our club through piquing everyone’s interest through the use of more than just Star Wars. This process might take me a month or so to setup so that I can have several weeks’ worth of trivia already set to go.

Last, there will be a specific way that you will need to submit your trivia so that it can be added properly into the bot. Example below.

Q1: Which Jedi Master first learned how to communicate with Jedi who had returned from the nether of the Force?

A1: Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui Gonn Jinn, Luke Skywalker

Correct Answer: Yoda

Q2: Which Sith Lord created the rule of two?

A2: Sion, Plagueis, Bane, Sidious

Correct Answer: Bane

Q3: Which Jedi Master was said to have ordered the Clone Army used during the Clone Wars?

A3: Sifo Dias, Plo Koon, Adi Gallia, Yoda

Correct Answer Sifo Dias

So as you can see, you submit a document with your Questions, then answers as you want them, then tell me the correct answer so that it can be marked correctly in the bot. This will bring all of our trivia into a state of oneness. Every trivia will be processed the same way. If it is submitted to me and doesn’t match, then I will email back with feedback on what needs to be fixed. Nothing difficult.

If you have any suggestions on what shows, movies, or other, you would like to see on Wednesday nights first then please drop a comment below or message me on discord. I am looking forward to giving us all something more fun to look forward to. I would like to thank our Grandmaster and Deputy Grandmaster for their faith in me as they open this new position not just for me, but for all of us. I hope this leads to a lot of positive, happy times going forward.

Kanal O’Neill – The First Quizmaster

Nice report, I like the example of how to set one up.

Answer 1!

Answer 3?

Yes, good.

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