Recruitment Tribune Report: The one with a massive explosion


Recruitment Tribune Report: The one with a massive explosion

Well, it's been an interesting month. We got a lot of interest on Facebook over the May the 4th weekend. I used that weekend as an opportunity to trial adverts on both Facebook and Google AdWords.

AdWords was... disappointing. Only 7 people clicked through to our site.

Facebook on the other hand was a major success. I'll leave the exact number until the stats down below. But a lot of people liked our page, and as a result our average daily social acquisitions (the number of people visiting a social profile and then clicking through to our website) has more or less doubled.


On top of this, the site had over 2,400 unique visitors in the last 30 days, which is up 34% on the previous month.

Overall I'm very happy with how everything is progressing.

I'll keep the rest of this report short, as y'all have plenty to keep you busy at the moment without needing to read a stupidly long wall of text,

Get some Dalthid in your face

Muz sent me a lot of the music Dalthid did for the Brotherhood a few years back (and I went ahead and uploaded it all to my Google Play Music so I can listen to it all the time...)

I've started slowly uploading them to the DB's YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe to see (or hear, I guess) the rest.

"Dark Brotherhood" by Dalthid

"Acta est Fabula" by Dalthid (ACC Theme)

Randoms stats for your face

  • Twitter followers: 329 (+24)
  • Facebook likes: 635 (+552!)
  • Google+ followers: 55 (+50)

I'll include these in each report to track progress.

Follow the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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very nice, those are some shinny stats you got there Solari :)

Damn, those stats are the secksi. Nice report, Solari!

Really good stuff, Kiwi. Awesome stats. Thank you!

This. All day. Loving it.

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Awesome stuff! Let's keep it up!

lovely, lets keep this up

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