Regent Release: Possessions is Live


Regent Release: Possessions is Live


The transition from open beta to live was smooth, and everything is done at this point and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood possessions system is now running. Thank you again for all those who dedicated their own personal time to seeing this become a reality, I look forward to doing what I can to reward all of you.

Expect follow up from the Herald and Voice with further integrations of the system into existing dossier graphics and character sheets respectively.

Since these updates are pushing down the earlier announcement, please check out the Star Wars Story Celebration competitions that are currently running.

If you have comments or questions about the transition to live, please leave comments on this report for follow up.

In darkness,


Thanks for all this work, guys!

Possessions! Thank you everyone who helped bring this massive system to life!

Get 'em. Nice work Evant and team.

Well done, Evant!

Nice work, team!

Follow-up question: As I'm aware that you will probably be getting a lot of feedback on this post-launch with questions, comments and minor errors, is there a Google form or something available to point out said errors? I noticed in some outfits (like Natural Armour), a lot of the premade aspects have mistakes in the grammar and formatting.

Well done you guys.

No form, please send feedback on things to me via email.

This is a pretty big milestone. Thanks to all the DC'ers and project members who put in untold hours into making this thing a reality. You guys really are the best.

Great job!

Excellent work, Regent folks!

now, a question, how do we use the lightsabers that were made for us at equite ranks? how do we add those to our loadout? I see my sapphire blade, but dont see my lightsabers

You have to buy your lightsabers and can submit a cosmetic aspect so that it matches your lightsaber

ty Halc

There's a lightsaber cosmetic aspect that says "See dossier" basically.

the saber info is what i have been searching for all morning long. Maybe have something about that on wiki were it is easy to find on how to do the lightsabers for this!

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