Regent Release: Rogue One Content Expansion


Regent Release: Rogue One Content Expansion


My team and I are happy to finally release the first content expansion into the possessions system. With a wide range of items across multiple sources both Legends and Canon, we feel that the content released here will add to the existing system in a great way and help our members explore the awesome items that make up the fictional universe and help tell their own stories.

There are a few areas of focus that led to this list beyond just great new Canon content. First, adding in more selection within the small to mid-size ship range for Clans. Secondly, adding in new cheaper options for members to purchase Space Vehicles with 9 new uncommon options below 100,000 credits down to 30,000 credits. Finally, adding in items to fill member requests in conjunction with the Voice staff. All of this led to the list below.

There are 68 new items, with 14 different types in 30 different categories, with nearly 5,000 words of description coming from a combination of Legends, Rogue One, Rebels, The Clone Wars and Battlefront.

General Content

  • Droids: EV Supervisor Droid
  • Land Vehicles: Flash Speeder
  • Other: Assassin's Ring, Binspo Deck, Pazaak Deck, Sabacc Deck, Insect Repellent
  • Space Vehicles: Aggressor Assault Fighter, JumpMaster 5000, Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter, G-1A Starfighter, M3-A Scyk Fighter
  • Weapons: Vibroclaws

Rogue One Content

  • Armor: Imperial Death Trooper Armor, Imperial Shoretrooper Armour, Rebel Marine Armor
  • Droids: KX-series Security Droid, SE-2 Worker Droid
  • Explosives: C-25 Fragmentation Grenade
  • Land Vehicles: TIE/SK Atmospheric Fighter, TX-225 GAVw Combat Assault Tank, All Terrain - Armored Cargo Transport (AT-ACT)
  • Other: Corzo 2-MAL Comlink, IM-40 Three-Slot Ammunition and Tool Pouch
  • Space Vehicles: UT-60D U-wing, BT-45D U-wing, Delta-class T-3c Shuttle, Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle
  • Weapons: BlasTech A280-CFE Blaster Pistol, BlasTech A280-CFE Sniper Rifle, BlasTech SE-14r Light Repeating Blaster, BlastTech A180 Blaster Pistol, DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol, BlasTech E-11D Blaster Rifle, BlasTech E-22 Blaster Rifle, MWC-35c Repeating Cannon, Lightbow

Rebels Content

  • Droids: Imperial Sentry Droid
  • Space Vehicles: C-ROC Gozanti-class Cruiser, Lancer-class Pursuit Craft, Fang Fighter, RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor

The Clone Wars Content

  • Land Vehicles: HAVw A6 Juggernaut, Mandalorian Patrol Speeder, All Terrain - Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE)
  • Space Vehicles: Clone Z-95 Starfighter, Nantex-class Territorial Defense Starfighter, Umbaran Starfighter

Battlefront Content

  • Explosives: Laser Trip Mine, Sonic Imploder
  • Other: Jump Pack
  • Weapons: TL-50 Heavy Repeater, CJ-9 Bo-Rifle

Clan Content

  • Airspeeder Squadrons: TIE/SK Atmospheric Fighter Squadron
  • Armor Platoons: HAVw A6 Juggernaut Platoon, TX-225 GAVw Combat Assault Tank Platoon, AT-ACT Platoon, AT-TE Platoon
  • Flights: UT-60D U-wing Flight, Delta-class T-3c Shuttle Flight, Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle Flight
  • Scout Transport: Flash Speeder Squadron
  • Space Vehicles: Charger c70 Consular-class Cruiser, Pelta-class Republic Frigate, MC75 Cruiser, CR70 Corellian Corvette, Raider-class Corvette, MC30c Frigate


It’s been a lot of fun researching and building a knowledge of these items and debating each one as it gets included in the system for members to enjoy. This is far from the last content expansion you’ll see, but did come quicker than usual on the heels of launch and a new film. If you have any questions at all on these feel free to ask in comments or email.

In darkness,


Mmm, lightbow

Yay for U-Wing.

Interesting choices for sure, thank you for providing such an extensive update.

I'm rather interested at the addition of the Raider corvette and a good chunk of the Scum line up from XWing Minis/Armada. Does that mean other stuff from there might appear? cough*K-Wings and TIE Phantoms*cough


Some of the new ground vehicles mentions their speed in the descriptions, but the ones that were already in the system before don't so how do we compare them? Are there plans on adding it to the old ones? Also what's your basis for the speeds mentioned? The Juggernaut is listed as being only able to move at incredibly slow speeds while the Legends article on Wookieepedia says it can move at 160 km/h, 100 faster than an AT-AT.

great to see this stuff out

@Malik - it's intended to be based on the SW specific item, the staff and I are working to look closely at all the descriptions and create some standards to better compare items and starting with space vehicles, which would make sure to include all this language but for now each is written based on various sources and not necessarily in relation to all the other possible vehicles in the system.

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