Regent Report: 14


Regent Report: 14


As fall approaches, I wanted to send out an update on what’s going on with Regent related endeavors since my last report and get some updates on projects with active progress and updates. I’ll be working with the Dark Council to prioritize projects after the first few immediate ones to know what makes the most sense to get out.


On my staff, Halcyon has stepped back from Praetor to take on a less demanding role as Magistrate, along with Kasula Daegella of Odan-Urr and Kojiro Keibatsu of Naga Sadow. With three Magistrates on the staff, I’m well positioned to train and tackle the range of projects I’m currently working on. I have no immediate plans to hire a Praetor.

Dark Council Order of Battle

The major bulk of the Dark Council Fleet OOB is complete, though the Dark Council itself does not own possessions in the same way Clans do, there is a separate faction where the items reside. I am still finalizing on the starfighters/squadrons mainly naming them all but the overall structure of the fleet is now complete on the site in possessions. This should help define a little better what the Dark Council is working with in space and help with stories and fictional developments going forward including upcoming vendettas. There are no immediate plans to build out the Dark Council ground forces.

Content Expansion

Following the content expansion this past April, immediately items were added to the queue for evaluation and possible addition to the system. This will continue, including items from Solo, but the next content expansion is at earliest towards the end of this year but likely early next year. If there is some specific item that would greatly benefit the membership to create please feel free to reach out, otherwise requests for items will be added and everything considered when we’re ready to add them.


This is where the most progress has been made since my last report. I’ll be as transparent as possible on the ongoing discussions to know what is going on. There are two major ways we can go about upgrades, one (1) being to do it the same way we do feats on a CS where you buy an item, and depending on type and rarity level it comes with a certain number of upgrade slots and members can pick from a list, two (2) being to give items a certain number of open slots and allow members to purchase upgrades separately and then equip them to the item. Both have their merits and flaws. The upgrade feats biggest upside is simplicity and making it easier to manage the items and use them, with the biggest downside being loss of incremental upgrading, all upgrades are built into the item already and price so if you want to go from a rare to epic droid you are burdened with the entire price of upgrades even if you don’t use them. The opposite is true for the second option with more complexity in upgrading an item and time spend buying and equipping but you gain that incremental spending where someone can save for a backup hyperdrive and purchase and slot it without worrying about saving to buy the entire next rarity level of a ship. An example of something I want to avoid there would be like buying a blaster pistol, noticing an optics slot and going to the store and seeing two dozen different scopes for sale you can put on your scope and all of them are less than 500 credits. There’s no trade-off there you just pick what you want so many as well pick from a list. The right direction is likely a hybrid approach of both.

I have an entire list of upgrades ready to go for ships, and the discussions on how to move forward with them seems well laid out. Often as things are being implemented things change, so we’ll see what ends up being final but that’s where it’s at. I appreciate everyone who has shared their thoughts so far and supported the content building to date. I think upgrades will bring that extra layer to everything to make a great system even better.


As mentioned previously and elsewhere, Koji has taken on the lead role in creatures and has done great work. My plan is to get the creatures added as soon as upgrades on ships are completed. So far the work done gets us most the way there, and so I expect a quick launch to follow with creatures.


There is still a plan to expand the Back Item Type to include a new Item Category called Coats. Plan is to add this along with the next content expansion. If anyone has a major issue with building out a character under the current system while this is being done please let me know and we can work something out.

Change Log

  • Created new granted public aspect Electro-plasma Filament and applied to Bilari Electro-chain Whip, Royal Guard Bilari Electro-chain Whip, Twin Vibro-arbir Blades, Vibro-voulge and Electro-Bisento
  • Created new granted public aspect Intense Local Magnetic Field and applied to Brotherhood-issued Elite Royal Guard Praetorian Armor and Elite Royal Guard Praetorian Armor
  • Updated description of Royal Guard Shock Gloves to functionally be more like shockboxing gloves instead of crushgaunts.
  • Added lightsaber pistol functionality as a dual-phase aspect, as a selection option for Elder Lightsabers.
  • Mobility Augment aspect for armor changed, it implied ability to change the armor category, now it just adds better traction to footwear in exchange for being noisier.
  • Changed description of Hunter Killer Training Remote awarded for GMRG to properly reflect unique functionality of the item.
  • Added new item Sith Lanvarok, as the 1 handed projectile portion of the SA society granted item. For sale now with appropriate SA rank at The Vault.
  • Added new item Massassi Lanvarok, as the 2 handed polearm ax weapon portion of the SA society granted item. For sale now with appropriate SA rank at The Vault.


A lot of great work is done in the background on system structure, and content for ship upgrades and creatures lists, and hope to see both launching by the end of the year, and then look to add new content.

In darkness,


Looking forward to more things to spend credits on.

I am super excited to see the Creatures. :)

Coats AND creatures?
But muh credits :(

I can't wait to see when the creatures come out. :)

YAY CREATURES!!!!! Awesome to hear about the upgrades and coats too! Thank you Evant and the team for all of your hard work and time <3 <3 <3 :)

Woot coats. Woot creatures. Woot moar goodies!

still waiting on the chiss charric. that's what I am waiting for.

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