Regent Report #2: House Cleaning


Regent Report #2: House Cleaning


We're still plugging away in our little corner of the Dark Brotherhood with the aim at getting some Solo and Resistance related content out into the club. This will clear our plates just in time to start doing it all over again! Yup, November comes. After that? December. That's Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker. There's a lot of excitement for some of what we've seen already and I, for one, can't wait to get to those. But, some house cleaning comes first. I'll be covering that in this report.

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Item Prototype Approval Policy

One of the first things I wanted to do was to streamline some of our policy. We have begun that endeavour with a page that has been hidden from common view (considering it's not even in the Regent policy template, though it is now). Previously known as the "Possessions Approval Policy", we now have the "Item Prototype Approval Policy". The purpose of this policy is to address not Canon and non-Canon items members may want to see added, but completely unique items designed for DB Canon.

That's not to say members can't suggest items that fall into the former categories. For that purpose, we've prepared a suggestion box via Google Forms that will drop into our workspace so that we have visibility on the kinds of items members are interested in seeing added outside of our major releases. You can find that form here, but it is also listed on the new policy page.

So, what's the deal with this policy? Basically it's to look at what all is involved in getting a DB Canon item into the system. This is not a free pass to get anything added, and that's why it exists as a policy. There are requirements that must be met just to have the item reviewed by staff. This is important, because the Regent team is already going to be hard at work developing new items within our workspace and it's simply too much to expect us to develop your item for you in addition to that. If you have those requirements met, then you can fill out the proposal and send it in.

When reviewing this, it will be more than just the Regent's assessment. They will, of course, be offering the initial assessment, but it will be a final decision made in cooperation with the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. At the end of the day, anything added to the system needs to both make sense and fit within it.

So...yeah. This is a very subjective matter when it comes to integration with Possessions, so we've done our best to make it as clear as possible on what will be looked at when reviewing. Hopefully it makes sense.

You can find the policy here: Item Prototype Approval Policy


Magistrate Rotation Information

I believe I mentioned this before, but I'm covering it again. It has been my intent since first writing my application for Regent to have rotating staff positions. This is to ensure our interested members have every opportunity to experience and learn how the Regent systems and office operate. I have already notified my crew, and now all of you, what sort of timeline I'm looking at.

As of November, I'll be launching the first rotation. That means you all should expect another post in the coming weeks outlining how to apply. Current and past staff will always be welcome to apply for positions on staff, as it is important to ensure continuity in case of all possible outcomes. To make this first rotation a touch more interesting, I'll also be looking at this application pool to fill not just Magistrates, but potentially a Praetor as well.

Praetor is a position that I will not be including in the rotation. It is meant to be the anchor on my staff so that both new team members and myself remain sane and capable of fulfilling our roles. There is, however, a possibility that this position will remain unfilled. In that case, instead of one Praetor and two Magistrates, I will be keeping the current arrangement of three Magistrates.

The rotating positions will be for 6 month terms, so that means only two cycles a year. Should be more than fair for all involved. Hopefully, I will be getting some quality interest in this regard when that post comes.


Change Log: 2019-10-14

Only minor changes since the last report.

  • BlasTech DC-15A Blaster Rifle
    • Name change to 'BlasTech DC-15 Blaster Rifle'
  • BlasTech DC-15S Blaster Carbine
    • Name change to 'BlasTech DC-15A Blaster Carbine'
  • Acclamator-class Assault Ship
    • Adjusted from 'quad laser turrets' to 'quad turbolaser turrets'
  • Additional fixes
    • Adjusted pricing for Arx Fleet Systems prototypes that had pricing changes but were sold back to the store at the original price
    • Adjusted markdown formatting for several Arx Fleet Systems prototypes


Thank you for reading and remember: any questions relating to the Possessions system, item mechanics, or features can be emailed to me directly at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


Great report. Thank you for this information. :)

good report

Nice report, friendo. And yay turbolasers!

Great job :D

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