Regent Report #3: (Old) Dominion


Regent Report #3: (Old) Dominion

Noobis Regent

Hello everyone,

A couple quick things to cover today while I continue to await on moar applications for Regent Staff!

I would like to formally announce the introduction of a new policy being implemented regarding Brotherhood domains/dominions, artifacts, a quick side note regarding possessions and the wiki, with a follow up on Weapon Upgrades.

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Dominion Policy

To ensure a consistent and cohesive experience for members both new and old, Evant and I have written a new Dominion Policy. The purpose of this policy is to explicitly codify the rules regarding both Dark Council and Clan star systems/planetary assets going forward. The various clan (and when I receive the details, the DC) dominions such as the star system, planets, and moons are being added to possessions as zero-credit value items that will be available for all to view quickly and easily. As an additional bonus, when the rest of planetary assets beyond military space stations launch these items will be able to be slotted directly into the dominion items.

As with every other possessions item, the history behind dominions will still be written and stored in the wiki. I will be reaching out to the Clan summits of each clan tomorrow to request the necessary details for the item prototypes, and will get to work on adding these items to possessions.

This policy can be read on the DJB Wiki at this link

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Unless you were living under a rock when Evant became Grand Master, you may remember reading a part of his message to the membership that specifically regarded exploring the return of artifacts, something he cares strongly about. With a bit of sly conversation (and the reality that artifacts will be eventually codified into possessions) with Idris who already has a mountain on his plate, I will be working with our resident Voice of the Brotherhood to draft a new artifact policy similar to the Dominion Policy released above.

With the codification of dominions in possessions now becoming a reality, it only makes sense that artifacts also be codified to take full advantage of the tools and systems available to us.

Once the fictional details (Voice) and possessions details (Regent) of this policy have been written, the policy approved and then implemented, we will reach out to the Consuls in a similar fashion to work with them on creating some new artifacts or reworking old ones to be in line with the policy. The number of artifacts has not been determined and this policy as a whole is in the planning phase of development.

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When Magistrate Turel (Luna Okami) applied to join the Regent Staff, he included in his application a suggestion regarding possessions item links on the wiki that can be of great use to the clans and membership. Like with the [[dossier:####]] wiki links, one could use the [[item:####]] link to directly link a wiki page to an item and have it show up on that item instance.

Thanks to our resident code monkey (much love, James) this is now a reality. When clans (or even members]] add an [[item:####]] link to their wiki page, that page will be linked to directly via the item instance. This will be incredibly useful for clan military and planetary assets, and will also work for the dominion items, and even artifacts once they make their return.

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Content Releases

Status: Approval Phase
The Weapon Upgrades content release has been approved by the Grand Master with a few tweaks to some of the content. I will make these changes sometime over the rest of the weekend for final approval, and then can plan out the final hurdle, and one of the biggest steps given the sheer size of this content drop: implementation.

Planetary Assets
Status: Content Development Phase
My current staff has been plugging away consistently on planetary assets for a while now, and are close to submitting a working draft for these items for preliminary review. As their window on the staff is coming to a close (less they apply and are re-hired, which is always a possibility!) this is something that Slagar and some of my next staff will finish up.

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We're now a few days in to the application period to be Praetor or Magistrate to the Regent, and thus far I have received two applications, with both members expressing interest in either position. If you've ever wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes, develop content that'll be used by the membership at large/contribute to Brotherhood wide projects, or just get some Dark Council staff experience, this is your next opportunity to do so. Applications end in the coming days, so get them in while you can!

Thank you for your time.

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Nice work Anubis! Looking forward to more updates!

Nice changes, especially like wiki linkage!

Loving the changes Noobis.

Apply! Regent staff is a great opportunity for creativity and to shape possessions content for all members.

cool work. can we get clan powers back since we're returning old races and other stuff??? lol

@Brimstone a Regent report is probably not the proper avenue to get a question back on that, as the Regent Staff handles possessions. I recommend sending an email to the Voice Staff if you seriously want an answer.

As for "old races and other stuff", specifically regarding artifacts, if a clan's previous artifacts cannot be reworked to fit the new guidelines/policy when established, they will need to work with us to come up with new ones.

I feel like I made a joke about Planets becoming part of possessions not too long ago :P

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