Regent Report: 4


Regent Report: 4


There have been a lot of great discussions and changes that have taken place in possessions since open beta started. Certain individuals have really stepped up to help bring about the best possible system and I want to thank all of you for your help. With live quickly approaching, I wanted to hit some updates on what’s happened since open beta started, and what lay ahead.

Possessions Live Status

My original goal was December 1st, but after looking at the to-do list, and not wanting to rush things, right now I’m targeting December 6th for a date to be live with possessions but I'll move it out again if I need to.

The plan is for this to come with a full reset of salaries and items, but retention of Item Aspects so they can be re-applied.

The big opens are:

  • Documentation. I have a structure in place already for this on the wiki under a Regent Template and will be continuing to populate over the coming weeks. Goal here will be a resource that answers any questions members may have and to help understand the structure of the system.
  • Clan Credit Earning. I have reviewed a plan for this with Sarin and had positive feedback. James and I have looked at some data and discussed some ways this will work. Some portions of this will be implemented for live, while large parts of it will come later not directly tied to possessions. More on this later in discussions with the Dark Council and Clan summits.
  • Stability. This is just something that comes in time, and I ask everyone to continue to push possessions as if it was live and help achieve this over the next few weeks. Some major changes have come so far, and once it’s live it will be far more difficult to change. Taking this time is important and everyone can help.

Clan Possessions

All the Clan summits were provided a document to help them plan Clan fleets, as well as the initial seed values to use to do initial calculations. If you’re interested please discuss with your Consul, but this has given Consul’s a head start on planning their fleets and militaries ahead of live and help review the new system and provide feedback. I will note that not many Clans have really attempted to build out their fleet using the site interface, and by no many I mean just Plagueis, which I really appreciate. This period is really your best shot to impact great change on this and give yourself the tools to manage your Clan possessions, if you don’t test it, it’s hard to improve it. I personally can’t even access Clan possessions since I don’t oversee a Clan and can’t test it myself. Provide feedback to James and I.

Trial of Acquisition

Bubba has helped me (see: wrote most of) write the test for the Trial of Acquisition, which is a Trial of Identity like survey that pops up upon reaching the rank of Journeyman 4 and provides both a Knight’s Lightsaber, as well as a starter ship with various options. This is an important final piece in the member experience to replicate existing Lightsaber and experience like functionality in the possessions system.

Change Log

I have been tracking major changes to actual items themselves, but note that an even longer list of fixes just to align with expectations have occurred as well that are too countless to keep track of. Here is the full list:

  • Added weapons to the J-type 327 Nubian Starship and CSS-1 Corellian Star Shuttle
  • Description update to Hidden Blade Bracer
  • Description update to Gauntlet Vibroblade, and name updated to reflect physical form to Knuckle-plate Vibroblade
  • Removed T-44 Landspeeder and replaced with RGC-18 Landspeeder
  • Removed T-44 Landspeeder Squadron and replaced with RGC-18 Landspeeder Squadron
  • Removed B-series protocol droid with no replacement
  • Silver Sash Item Type changed to Combat Enhancement from Weapon (Miscellaneous)
  • Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle (ULAV) Squadron changed to the Landspeeder Category and Scout Transport Type. Description also updated.
  • Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle (ULAV) changed to a Landspeeder, and description updated.
  • Added 6 new space stations under a new item type = Space Station, under 2 new categories Civilian Station and Military Station.
  • Cut battalion cost in half, as well as further clarification of benefits added to the description
  • Reduced regiment cost to 75% of original, as well as added more details around prefabricated base functionality of the unit
  • AAT-1 Hover Tank description updated to list proper Canon weapons armament.
  • Assault Company description updated to reflect appropriate 152 unit fighting force strength.
  • Updated name for Elder restricted Tailored Brotherhood Robes
  • Added a new item Tailored Brotherhood Robes to accommodate item ownership of Non-Elders who earn custom robes from the Herald office. Member requirement group restricted.
  • Updated description on self-propelled medium artillery to include 8 units, to align with all other artillery as intended.
  • Slight updates to Mandalorian Armor and Elite Mandalorian armor descriptions
  • Updated MC80 to carry 4 squadrons of starfighters
  • Added a new Home One type MC80, comparable to the Impstar Deuce at the same price point
  • Synergy S-5 Oathbreaker type and category fixed so it is appropriately a slugthrower weapon and not an energy based blaster sniper rifle weapon
  • Added Legions, which allow a higher level of organization for army forces, consisting of 4 regiments and giving enhanced functionality for larger forces
  • HWK-290 added functionality to drop incendiary bombs similar to Star Wars Commander functionality
  • All items updated to follow logic that uncommon = 1 aspect slot, rare = 2 aspect slots, epic = 3 aspect slots, while also applying logic that only 1 aspect of each type can apply to an item, shorting an item if not enough types exist. No items will accept 2 aspects of the same type.
  • Arquintens-class Light Cruiser hidden for now, will re-evaluate item category and details later and add it back into the system.
  • Added advanced Stuncuffs as a field tool equipment item, to align with GMRG accessory availability
  • Added crushgaunts as a bludgeon miscellaneous weapon, to align with both GMRG accessory availability and CS features noting the item
  • Class Type B Escort Shuttle added availability in the stores with slightly increased price
  • Sheathipede-class Transport Shuttle added as a Trial of Acquisition option, as shorter length of Class Type B purchase for JM4
  • All ceremonial award items for GMRG accessory earners have been given rarity and functionality and added to stores for purchase.


There are a few projects that I’m working on that are non-direct-possessions related, but that will see work over the coming weeks as I find time.

  • A Dominion policy that helps define what within a Clan system requires approval, and where the line is to just have the creative freedom to do whatever a Consul wants. As well as start to piece together the gray area between possessions and not-possessions things that are still possessed.
  • An Artifact policy that helps to define when and where and how and what artifacts are and come into existence. I admittedly haven’t had too much focus on making this happen but I’ll get it sorted. All the Consuls got me lists of what they considered their ‘artifacts’ a while ago and a clear picture going forward will emerge.
  • A Shadow Academy Course for possessions. The template pages and guides that I push out will help answer all the structure and process related questions anyone could have, but more specific training like materials will surely come from the Shadow Academy. It’s hard to do this while in flux but Farrin assured me everyone will have a means to get trained up on everything.
  • A Rank Reward Guide. This is something I agreed to do some time ago but has been lower priority for me. Basically, it will create a page for each rank on the wiki, and then outline all the different rewards associated with that rank from skill points, to Force points to new talents to new lightsaber colors and custom robe options and items you can purchase and credits and everything that comes with each rank. So you can look forward and easily digest this information and understand the whole balance of ranks as it exists in the Brotherhood. Abadeer started something for me but I figured I’d note it here so I can hold myself accountable for it being a thing someday.


Thank you to all who have helped with possessions so far, and we’re very close to the end but I don’t want to rush anything. Thousands of hours have gone into getting this whole thing where it is today and we want to hit the ground running at a good pace with a head towards some future changes. Please keep sending me feedback and thoughts, and hope to see you all again in a report after this is all live.

In darkness,


Love it. Thanks to everyone for their incredible amount of work!

squeaks OOOOH NEW STUFF!!!!

Epic, Evant!

Is there an option to view Clan purchases such as their fleet or owned stuff somewhere? If so where could one find this? If not, is it a possibility to have this option to make it easier for all members to see what exactly their Clan owns? Or are you leaving this to the Clans to document their possessions on the wiki?

@Darkblade it's a tab under each Clan roster. Shows what a Clan owns/possesses.

Not sure if it's possible but can we get an option to hide stuff like the armoury gear that everyone gets.

@darro when it launches you'll be able to sell it.

Awesome Evant! Thanks ^^

Trial of Acquisition looks awesome. Great work Ev and team!

Haven't tried this until recently, but is there a way to view loadouts for other members?

how would the trial work for those of us beyond JM4, do we auto get the ship etc?

@A'lora once it's live the loadouts will go to the CS where you could see the one a member picks to use. Since it's still beta we can't do this quite yet.

@Rins - not 100% on the details but everyone will get to take the ToA at JM4+

Awesome to see! Trial of Acquisition sounds great!


All ceremonial award items for GMRG accessory earners have been given rarity and functionality and added to stores for purchase

What about past items that are no longer available because the Dark Councillor has since stepped down (e.g.: Socorra's Datapad) - any plans on adding those?

Will loadouts be a requirement for the CS?

I just found the loadout section and I like the idea. I'm looking forward to all these new things.

@Terran those items are already included

@Rins, no idea if it will be a requirement. I think having a weapon loadout isn't a requirement now you could leave it blank and have no weapons or gear? Its meant to replace that as far as I'm aware plan wise.

Is there going to be an update to the Promotheus Report to include possession activity on the checklist? Which brings to question, can ranks under JM4 access possessions? It would probably good to allow as possessions is looking to tie into certain other avenues of the DJB, such as ACC.

Would have to ask the MAA on promotheus.

Below JM4 can access possessions. ToA is just a milestone trigger. Since it is among ranks considered to carry significant weight like a graduation.

Housing Deeds? Apartments? On major planets due to our underground connections(I know this will never happen)

Well those higher then Knight be able to do the ToA for a free ship or will it be retroactive(i think thats the word i am looking for)

No housing right now, it's an idea on a longer term plan list. Will prioritize sometime early next year.

Members who already achieved JM4 or higher rank should still get to take the trial once to catch everything up when possessions goes live.

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