Regent Report #5: Manufacturing Efficiency


Regent Report #5: Manufacturing Efficiency


Hello all,

This report includes the Order of the Fallen Mandalorian Update content drop. Additionally, we have implemented a slotting system for Combat Droids so that weapons can be placed directly onto the droid and not take up your Loadout slots. More on this below.

For this drop, I will NOT be placing the Item Stores into a Maintenance Window. We pre-staged the items and have mass granted them without interrupting the user experience. That's neat!

Other than that, I'd like to thank everyone that applied for Magistrate. It wasn't easy pickings. We ended up going with Kano Tydex and Farrin as our picks. Based on their applications, we can expect they'll get into the nitty gritty of the spreadsheets and projects and really push our progress. I'm looking forward to it.

Table of Contents


Change Log: Order of the Fallen Mandalorian Update

New Additions

Antares Consolidated Armorers

Imperial Purge Trooper Armor
The Imperial Purge Trooper Armor is an incredibly rare, complete full-body enclosed armor worn by the Inquisitorius' expendable death squad. It is a specialized form of black Phase II Clone Trooper Armor that has minor resistance to lightsabers. Some have a red and black shoulder pauldron or kama and adorned with several red and/or silver designs, with its black helmet similar to that of Clone Paratroopers but with a crimson visor.

Imperial Inquisitor Armor
The Imperial Inquisitor Armor is a Medium Armor designed with a sinister appearance to inspire fear in the enemy. A black medium plated armor or heavy set of robes with armor plating is almost always accompanied by a helmet with a red visor that shields the identity of the wearer. Imperial Inquisitor Armor was frequently worn by the Empire's Inquisitorius while hunting down Jedi during the Jedi Purge.

Mandalorian Heavy Infantry Armor
The Mandalorian Heavy Infantry Armor is a variant of Mandalorian Armor that shares the same style as it's lighter counterparts, but is built more heavily. It consists of a helmet, shoulder pauldrons, wrist gauntlets, breastplate, codpiece, knee pads, as well as leg guards all clasped over a full body glove that provides both comfort and protection. The helmet possesses an iconic T-shaped visor as well as an antenna tipped with a macrobinocular rangefinder that can be pulled over the viewplate.

Antei Armaments

Amban Sniper Rifle
The Amban Sniper Rifle is a specialized Blaster Sniper Rifle capable of electrocuting, shooting, and vaporizing enemy targets. It uses large quantities of blaster or Tibanna gas, many more times than a standard blaster weapon. The front of the rifle is double-pronged, able to act as a melee range taser and deliver a strong shock to targets. For medium to long ranges it features a regular firing blaster mode, and could also be loaded with a single-shot gas cartridge to fire a devastating beam that disintegrates a target on contact. The Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin used one of these rifles.

The Electrobaton is a one-handed blunt weapon composed of a black metal handle shaft with a switch and dial, and has a power cell attached to the base. Attached at the top of the weapon is a small extendable shaft through which a middling electromagnetic charge is run, allowing the blunt striking end to deliver a powerful stun on contact - but is not strong enough to stand up to a lightsaber. Some of these weapons were used by Imperial Scout Troopers during the Jedi Purge.

Purge Electrobaton
The Purge Electrobaton is a one-handed blunt weapon composed of a sword-shaped shaft attached to a black metal handle with a switch, and has a power cell attached to the base. A deadly electromagnetic charge is run from the top of the handle up to the top of either side of the striking area, making the weapon capable of blocking a lightsaber. Some of these weapons were used by Imperial Purge Troopers during the Jedi Purge.

Purge Electrohammer
The Purge Electrohammer is a large two-handed weapon composed of two metal shafts attached at the bottom and the top near a thin hammer-like striking head, with a cylindrical power cell attached to the base of one of the weapon's shafts. A deadly electromagnetic charge is run from the base of the weapon up the forward shaft and across the front of the hammer head, making the weapon capable of blocking a lightsaber. When the hammer-head is swung at the ground, it emits a powerful shockwave upon impact that can stun enemies. Some of these weapons were used by Imperial Purge Troopers during the Jedi Purge.

RIA Repulsor Throwing Razor
The RIA Repulsor Throwing Razor is a ranged weapon that consists of a serrated, crescent shaped blade designed to be thrown at a target. It incorporates both a small repulsor engine to further increase its range and stability, and a homing beacon that endows it with a "boomerang effect" to return to its owner.

Arx Starship Acquisitions

Outland TIE Fighter
The Outland TIE Fighter is a 9.6-meter long Starfighter designed as an incremental update to the original TIE Fighter. While retaining the trademark shape of the TIE/LN Starfighter, the Outland TIE Fighter is equipped with recessed landing gear. Its solar panel collector wings are equipped with S-foils to fold outward from the center in a V-shape to allow landing on a levelled surface. Lacking a hyperdrive, this vessel has great speed and maneuverability, with average armor and no shielding. One of these starfighters was used by Moff Gideon after the fall of the Empire.

2 laser cannons

1 pilot

Razor-class Gunship
The Razor-class Gunship is a 26-meter long Assault Ship that uses a design predating the time of the Galactic Empire, Like the Firespray-31 Interceptor, it was designed as a military patrol craft. It has a long skinny fuselage with two decks that features large sublight engines on either side. Hyperdrive capable, this vessel has average maneuverability and speed, with average armor and great shielding. The bounty hunter Din Djarin used one of these craft after the fall of the Empire.

2 laser cannons

1 pilot
4 passengers
30 metric tons of cargo space

S-161 "Stinger" XL Yacht
The S-161 "Stinger" XL Yacht is a 40-meter long Shuttle designed as a personal luxury transport. It features a long and slender body, with a large rotating stabilizer wing situated in front of the engines towards the rear of the ship. It features several luxurious amenities, including a terrarium. Hyperdrive equipped, this vessel has exceptional maneuverability and great speed, with light armor and average shielding.

2 laser cannons

1 pilot and 1 comms officer for full effectiveness
20 metric tons of cargo
3 passengers

TIE/RP Reaper Attack Lander
The TIE/RP Reaper Attack Lander is a 24.2-meter long Transport designed as a troop dropship. It bears all the hallmarks of the TIE design, specifically created to ferry elite troops to flashpoints on the battlefield. It has pointed horizontal wings with a hinged stabilizer in-between that sit above the main body of the craft. Hyperdrive capable, this vessel has exceptional maneuverability and speed, with average armor and shielding. This craft was used throughout the Galactic Empire.

2 laser cannons

1 pilot
10 passengers

Brotherhood Trading Company

Bounty Puck
The Bounty Puck is a small disc-shaped device a couple centimeters tall with a holo-projector built into it. It displays the face of a chosen target and their current bounty according to the Bounty Hunting Guild.

The Camtono is a cylindrical security container for storing valuables, most notably precious metals or spice, and is easily transported by holding the upper handle or tucked under an arm. It consists of a fixed frame and three movable panels hinged at the bottom and locked shut at the top, a "lid" portion that boasts control buttons and a rotary cylinder piece featuring a handle.

Climbing Claws
Climbing Claws are a mundane set of gloves of the hand. They look like fingerless gloves, with small curved blades of metal in between the fingers that retract when closing the fingers into a fist and extend when opening the fingers. They allow the wearer to climb new surfaces.

Tracking Fob
The Tracking Fob is a small square handheld device with two antennas attached. A specialized tracking device, it allows the user to track a single life-form that has been keyed into the fob. It beeps and flashes red the closer the fob is to the target life-form. These tracking fobs are given to members of the Bounty Hunting Guild.

Celebration Store

Nightsister Talisman
The Nightsister Talisman is a large Kyber Crystal Accessory used by the Nightsisters to channel their Magick. It has been etched and cut into a specific shape by its owner. This talisman is large enough to fill the palm of a human-sized hand.

Projectile Ricochet Disc Kit
The Projectile Ricochet Disc Kit contains a dozen specially coated discs capable of sticking to surfaces and forming a reflective target for ricocheting blaster projectiles without loss of penetrative power. The Bad Batch Clone Crosshair was known to use these discs in tandem with his rifle.

Iron Menagerie

Bog Rat
The Bog Rat is a non-sentient quadruped Mammal from the planet Bogano. They have hardened and wrinkled white skin, with some possessing red skin on their backs and upper legs that is somewhat resistant to lightsaber blades. The face of the Bog Rat consists of a single large red eye above a mouth with a feeler on each.

The Oggdo is a non-sentient frog-like Amphibian creature from the planet Bogano. They have large bodies, with thick lightsaber-resistant hide that emcompasses their spike-topped body. Three bright-green eyes are positioned above an enormous mouth which feature rows of sharp teeth and a large adhesive tongue reportedly capable of extending up to eight meters in length.

The Spox is a large Insect native from the planet Bogano. They are omnivorous quadrupedal insects with a set of small, thin, sprite like wings that allows them to hover over wetlands. Splox have appendages located below their eyes, with orange bodies covered in blue shells that have pointed ends. They are able to contort their shape to quickly stagger their enemies, providing time for other Splox to strike.

The Mykal is a large bat-like Avian predator native to the planet Kashyyyk. They build large nests and attack almost anything that they spot with sweeping strikes from the air. Some Mykal grow to enormous size and are found only in the deepest, most ancient portions of the wilderness. Wookiees consider them a delicacy.

The Bogling is a small Mammal creature native to the planet Bogano. While their bodies are generally furry, Boglings have bare feet and legs that they are able to run, jump, and change direction on quickly to escape predators and navigate difficult terrain. The fur on the rest of their body compensates for any heat loss through the feet.

The Phillak is a large Mammal native to the planet Zeffo. They are ram-like in appearance, and have three sharp horns which they can use to attack with. Phillak have poor eyesight and low-vision, making it difficult for them to change course and avoid crashing into obstacles once they’ve begun to charge a target.

Lesser Nydak
The Lesser Nydak is a semi-bipedal Mammal from the planet Dathomir, an apex predator. They have grey skin covered in spikes, with two large tusks on either side of their mouth and massive claws on the ends of their hands. Nydaks are carnivorous and highly aggressive, easily able to traverse terrain using their powerful arms. Many Lesser Nydaks are dominated by Alpha Nydaks.

Alpha Nydak
The Alpha Nydak is a rare, larger and stronger subspecies of Nydak than the Lesser Nydak. They too have grey skin covered in spikes, with two large tusks on either side of their mouth and massive claws on the ends of their hands. Alpha Nydaks have hardened bones and resistant hide, making it impossible to sever their arms. Nydaks are carnivorous and highly aggressive, easily able to traverse terrain using their powerful arms. Alpha Nydaks typically dominated Lesser Nydaks.

The Jotaz is a carnivorous Mammal from the planet Zeffo. They are ape-like in appearance and very large in size, with a dark thick hide covered in white stripes. They use brute strength to overwhelm their enemies, with swings of their large forearms to do massive damage.

The Scazz is a quadruped Mammal from the planet Zeffo. They are rat-like in their appearance and relatively small in size. They have large claws on their front feet, and a set of sharp teeth in their jaws. They are especially vulnerable in bright light due to their poor vision, and often reside in shady or dark areas.

The Slyyg is a carnivorous Mollusk gastropod native to the planet Kashyyyk. They are large in size with yellow bodies and red eyes, featuring an armored ram-like head that they used to charge and attack enemies with. Slyyg can emit a toxic sludge which can also be used to attack enemies.

The Wyyyschokk is a large carnivorous Insect species native to the planet Kashyyyk. They are spider-like in appearance and highly intelligent, hostile to most sentient life forms, Wyyyschokks are efficient and deadly hunters capable of launching a web-like enzyme from their mandibles. They can ensnare prey by casting webbing at a distance, and often wait to ambush their prey by attacking them from above or below.

The Chirodactyl is a massive Avian creature native to the planet Dathomir. They are bat-like in appearance and enormous in size in comparison to other creatures on Dathomir. The Chirodactyl is considered the planet's most apex predator. They have stocky brown bodies, with gray eyes and large wings. The Chirodactyl is capable of causing massive damage.

The Mudhorn is a large-horned quadruped Mammal from the planet Arvala-7. It is ram-like in its appearance with a large keratinous horn, flat teeth, and long woolly fur. They are oviparous, laying a single egg per clutch, and prefer muddy environments and dark caves.

Ornamental Oddments

Seven-string Hallikset
The Seven String Hallikset is a stringed musical instrument. It features a long wooden shaft connected to a round acoustic chamber, with seven strings connected across the front at either end. The former Jedi Knight Cere Junda played one of these.

Utilis Innovations

BD-unit Backpack Droid
The BD-unit Backpack Droid is a small bipedal droid designed to assist with research and exploration in remote and dangerous locations. It has a flat rectangular head with two photoreceptors, a small body, and two legs with clampable feet, allowing it to climb a person's body or other surfaces and traverse many different kinds of terrain . It is equipped with various tools; including a holocam and holoprojector, computer link, and a spotlight.

Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter Droid
The Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter Droid is a Combat Droid used by the Haxion Brood criminal organization to hunt bounties alongside their bounty hunters. The droids are typically assembled from smuggled and stolen parts and serve as reprogrammed droid enforces for the gang, and are large in size. They come in a variety of colors and designs, attacking as rugged brawlers with a cocky and hostile attitude.

Arx Fleet Systems

TIE/RP Reaper Attack Lander Platoon
The TIE/RP Reaper Attack Lander Platoon is a troop transport unit that consists of eight TIE/RP Reaper Attack Landers along with eight pilots, eight technicians, and four mechanics to operate and maintain them. Bearing all the hallmarks of the TIE design, it is specifically created to ferry elite troops to flashpoints on the battlefield for the Galactic Empire. Operated by the pilots in the platoon, each can carry 10 passengers allowing the platoon to carry 80 soldiers or passengers. They are also equipped with two laser cannons, allowing them to engage in more dangerous or 'hot' landings.

Granted Aspects

Poisonous: Slyyg
Severe: {{original_item_name}}'s skin and slime are toxic if ingested or make contact with the skin, and can cause sharp stomach pains and burns.

Venomous Bite: Wyyyschokk
Severe: {{original_item_name}} has upraised mandibles that can deliver a potent venom. Once injected into a victim, Wyyyschokk venom almost instantly immobilizes its target.

Item Updates

  • Merr-Sonn SX-21 Scatterblaster
    • After receiving many health comp requests due to incorrect slotting size, it's been determined giants shouldn't be used when determining how many slot values. Scatterblaster is now 2 slots instead of 1.
  • Synergy Vibro-claw Talon Gloves
    • When standing in a line-up with its friends, it was determined that one of these things is not like the others. Instead of raising the slot size from 1 to 2, and thus ruining loadouts for a great many, this item has had its name and description updated to reflect a single glove.
  • Imperial Purge Trooper Armor
    • The Imperials really shouldn't put out trooper types with the same name. It's really confusing. The former Imperial Purge Troopers are now just Purge Troopers to make way for the new Imperial Purge Troopers.
  • Kalevalan Star Yacht
    • The yacht was hiding a retractable secret inside. No longer bashful, the turrets have been added alongside a hardpoint.


Droid Slots

For the sake of user experience, we have applied the same slotting concept to Droids that we did for Upgrades. That means, when looking at Combat Droids specifically, you can now slot weapons into them under the same principle as your own Loadout bar. However, not all Droids are made equal so some special cases have been identified that are the exception to the following rule.

Combat Droid Slotting Rule
* Common: No slotting
* Uncommon: 2 Weapon Slots (Blasters/Slugthrowers)
* Rare: 2 Weapon Slots (Blasters/Slugthrowers/Bladed/Blunt)
* Epic: 3 Weapon Slots (Blasters/Slugthrowers/Bladed/Blunt/Explosives)
* Legendary: 4 Weapon Slots (Blasters/Slugthrowers/Bladed/Blunt/Explosives)

This implementation is now in effect.


Thank you for reading and remember: any questions relating to the Possessions system, item mechanics, or features can be emailed to Regent Staff at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].



cool stuff.

I like the change to droid weapons. Actually I am liking what all I am seeing. I hope to see some awesome things from the office of the Regent. (And you all have yet to disappoint)

Ooooo! That is fancy! And pre-vetted too! ^^


Moar content. :D

Yay! Chirodactyls!

Great update you guys!

Nice work guys. And congrats to the new Ms!

Any chance the Beskar armor will make an appearance?

I love all the new content!

The ACC Guide section on Droids has been updated to reflect this new possessions capability.

Droids can use any weapon that is built into the droid itself (as reflected in the droid's item description) or slotted into the droid's weapon item slots. Droids that are capable of wielding weapons can pick up and use appropriate weapons from other characters or the environment in the same manner as a player character but this must be accounted for within the text of the match. In other words, if the droid is using a weapon that is not built-in or slotted you have to depict or tell the audience how the droid got the weapon.

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