Regent Report: 7


Regent Report: 7


While possessions have been live for over three weeks, questions and fixes continue to roll in and the quality of the system continues to improve daily. I wanted to get out a new change log so everyone is aware of what’s changed, and then go into my initial next steps. I appreciate all the support from everyone, and the opportunity given to me by the Dark Council to continue to create a better community for all that’s super Star Warsy.

Content Expansion

Right now my staff and I are working through new content that’s shown up since we locked down the list a while back. Of course, even existing items have their Canon existence manipulated (see: A-wing thanks to Rebels) and we try and keep up. We should be much more timely in the future. As a note, if anyone has any ideas for items they’d like to see added, please email them to me.

Our current focus is on adding in areas of weak offering, as well as Rogue One, Battlefront DLC content, Rebels content and member request considerations. There are 60 items in total on the content expansion currently under development. Goal is to launch sometime in January.

Structural Expansion

I won’t go into too many details, and I have no timeline, but I did feel like it made sense to give an idea of what’s out there as next future steps. Prioritizing this is something I’ll work with the GM/DGM on.

  • Artifacts: Add a policy and artifact level items.
  • Companions: Allowing members an entourage of creatures, droids and humanoids.
  • Dominion: Add a policy, systems, and functional items to equip to those systems.
  • End Game: Add legendary and custom end game content to use credits on.
  • Favorites / Wish List: Add items to a wish list, set item ownership goals.
  • Inventory Management: Ways to manage member inventory and organize Clan assets.
  • Rank Reward Guide: A wiki page that details what perks come at each rank for better visibility for members.
  • SA Course: A step by step guide to doing things in possessions in an educational manner.
  • Quests: Objectives at some interval with some rewards.
  • Societies Experience: Uplevel the rewards for all societies and a new store.
  • Upgrades: Allow rare+ items to be upgraded.

Change Log

Since the last report...

  • Inquisitorius Dart Shooter changed to Rare from Uncommon
  • Galactic Map Holoprojector changed to Rare from Uncommon + Price Change
  • Titanium Blade aspect for Blade Weapon Modification Withdrawn
  • New Item Aspect Dense Alloy Blade created for Blade Weapon Modifications
  • Earned Non-Elder Custom Robes group updated to include Elders who have held GM, DC or JST roles for at least 13 weeks.
  • RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor name changed to Modified RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor to clarify design, and description and cost updated (reduced) to reflect Canon capabilities. Launcher weapons removed and noted no shields with twin pivoting laser cannons on each wing.
  • RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor Squadron name changed to Modified RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor Squadron, and price reduced to align with the starfighters that make up this squadron.
  • Space Vehicle Modification “Fit for a King” wording updated
  • Assault-class Frigate name updated to Assault-class Frigate Mark I to designate that it is Mark I, to allow for clarification with existence of a Mark II, also de-stocked from stores to evaluate balance and functionality in the system.
  • 9000 Z001 Landspeeder renamed to Ubrikkian 9,000 to align with new Canon sources. Description updated with no functionality change.
  • Bryar Pistol renamed as K-16 Bryar Pistol to match the Battlefront DLC item with an updated description to match Canon
  • Mankvim-814 Light Interceptor description updated for more specific language, plus added note of standard deflector shields.
  • N-1 Starfighter description updated, adding more specific language and including note of hull strength and standard shielding.
  • E-9 explorer description update to add crew requirements, role to align with Canon, and updated language to include standard shielding. Clarifications only no changes.
  • ARC-170 added shields note to clarify, updated description for more clarifying language but no functional updates to the ship.
  • Gozanti-class Imperial Freighter renamed as Imperial Gozanti-class Cruiser to properly reflect Canon name of the ship. Description updated to reflect this specific upgraded Imperial model with heavy shielding and docking clamps. No new functionality in improved language.
  • TIE/LN starfighter updated to remove launchers, only optional not standard in Canon. Also removed launcher aspect as well.
  • LAAT/i description updated to cover alternate configuration as a space gunship within the same prototype item.
  • Mandalorian Speeder Bike description shifted to align it with an uncommon and unarmed version of a speeder bike. With content expansion will see a new armed, Rare version of this speeder. To align with variations and member choices including a more rare version.
  • Added new DDP-13 Personal Seeker Droid as GMRG accessory for Dracaryis ( Will stock after GMRG requirements group exists.
  • Added new Voice’s Encrypted Comlink as GMRG accessory for Marick ( Will stock after GMRG requirements group exists.


It’s been a busy few weeks with the holidays, but I’m looking forward to seeing where my team and I can take possessions over the coming year. I hope you’ve all enjoyed buying things so far!

In darkness,


Great report Evant! Can't wait to see these expansions come to life!

Excited for all those upcoming things!

dang, was hoping the charrics info I gave you that was canon was added. maybe next time

Go Team Regent. Do the thing.

plays with new accessory gadget

I.. don't envy you guys for all the work you do with each and every item, but I very much appreciate it. Keep it up regent team!

I'm very excited about all the new features!

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