Regent Report: 9


Regent Report: 9


We have a few months of live possessions behind us now, and saw a rather quick content launch in a short period of time, along with a lot of transactions and aspects and shopping sprees, however my team and I are watching closely to make sure things are still fun and are focusing our energies on continuous improvement. In this report I’ll go over some changes, and where I’m focusing energies on improvements at the moment.


I am looking to collect some data on pets, or creatures, and their use in character stories. I have created a discourse topic here as a place where you can assist me in collecting data, and making it known you are interested and asking any questions. Appreciate help to spread the word of this topic so everyone across the Brotherhood who wants to has a chance to give their input and let me know if they'd use a creature if they were added. A timeline and schedule is not at all set, but collecting data is a good early first step and member feedback will help set priority and scope.

Important Notes

  • Aspects: Just as a reminder, that Aspects are intended to allow a tuning or adjustment to a functionality. There are a lot of aspects that basically look like an attempt to upgrade or improve an item. Upgrades are an entirely separate unsorted thing.

  • Balancing: There are hundreds of items in possessions, created with balance in mind. In a few situations, I’ve needed to step in and make modifications to items people already own. My current team and I will review everything as we try and push upgrades and more fun content with each item category, and make necessary adjustments along the way. All I can promise is an explanation with strong communication and transparency.

  • Tailored Armor: These are several items for sale that coordinate closely with the Herald office. Tailored or Elder Brotherhood robes. These items let a member work with the Herald to create a visual representation of custom robes to display on a dossier. Due to the unique nature of these items, we’ve decided to go a more 1:1 route with descriptions. As such, members who have graphics can share the graphics and work with the Regent staff to develop a custom description as well that stays balanced and relevant. Aspects are not really the right way to go about this, and graphically they could be anything. If you are looking to get a good description beyond just the cosmetics, please let me know and we’ll work on something together. I plan to work on some wiki guideline documentation of this as well, and link it to the items for easier reference.

  • Clan Salary Documentation: The Possessions Salary Policy page has been updated with more details around Clan credits and how they were seeded. To give full documentation disclosure on what was done for future reference.

  • Item Type: Space Vehicles: Since the last report, some great progress has been made by my staff and I, led by Halc to use markdown and a full review to improve the descriptions of the different space vehicles. This is an important first step towards implementing upgrade functionality on these items and taking the next steps there towards a better end game experience for members who own rare or epic ships. We’ve gotten hung up a bit on just how detailed to get, but I expect as real life time allows we should get this done shortly. This is simply a drastic improvement to the already existing functionality of the ships. More details on upgrades as they’re sorted. I’ve gotten some great feedback from the DC, my staff, and a few others whose opinion I lean on.

Change Log

Since the last report...

  • Added ability to choose Armor Modification or Armor Helmet Modification on “Tailored Brotherhood Robes“ and “Elder Tailored Brotherhood Robes“ (You may now use either type of modification)
  • Updated AB-75 Bo-rifle to note that the melee functionality can be used while in blaster mode. As in Battlefront, much like a bayonet.
  • Removed all Dreadnaughts from stock, intend to evaluate the entire Dreadnaught, Assault Frigate Mark I, Assault Frigate Mark II listing of ships at a later date and how they fit into the system
  • Added poison weapons aspect to the miscellaneous weapon Vibroclaws
  • Item Type Corvette price reduced by 25%, with existing uncommon Corvettes priced accordingly to maintain existing pricing.
  • DP20 Corellian Gunship and Braha'tok-class Gunship had rarity changed from uncommon, to rare, increasing its price and positioning it more correctly within the expanded Corvette offerings.
  • Raider-class corvette had it’s armament updated to better reflect an anti-starfighter role ship it is intended based on customization possibilities of the ship design in FFG. Was renamed as the Raider II-class Corvette.
  • Added Raider I-class Corvette at a 4.5 million price point with appropriate armament as a replacement in the system due to price restructuring. Alternative configuration from FFG.
  • Added Combat Hammerhead Corvette at a 4.5 million price point with appropriate armament as a replacement in the system due to price restructuring. Specific design from Rogue One.
  • XS-800 Light Freighter updated properly to reflect its capabilities as a ship. Closer to YT-series than CR90 corvette. As such was re-classified as uncommon and sits at 114k credits instead of 270k credits. All ship owners notified.
  • AB-75 Bo-rifle and CJ-9 Bo-Rifle language updated to reflect that they operate like electro-staffs when in that mode in defense against lightsaber strikes.
  • Cybernetic modification aspect language changed from describe, to list, using better language to define the intent of the item and associated aspect with relation to a character, where its impact on actual character appearance is better suited for the Character Sheet.
  • Created new Tailored Armor aspect, applied it to Elder and Custom tailored robes items, so members who have custom robes can also have the Regent staff write custom descriptions and functionality. This replaced the Armor Cosmetic aspect for these two items giving them unique features.
  • Added a new double-bladed dagger item for sale. Uncommon bladed weapon.


It’s been great to see the balance of possessions in play as people put together loadouts and show them off on their character sheets. At least from my own perspective, although nothing could ever be perfect, I feel like the balance ended up well. With the one big gap I see just in making the rare and epic items feel sufficiently awesome which is something I have my full attention on and hope to see improvement on in the future.

In darkness,


I love the idea of purchasing pets to use in fiction. I think it would add a very nice aspect in character development as well as add another interesting bit to stories.

We've got a few in Plagueis already so this sounds like something that could be great club-wide and offers potential for Jedi, Sith and NFUs alike to show a different side or use their creature as they would a weapon.

Lots of goodness here. I will certainly look into the pets and what not and be sure to give you all my two credits to do what you will with. Keep up the good work, all. Even if I don't interact as much as I would like with Possessions and things, you all have done some awesome work!

A wide variety of major changes to be sure then, thank you for the updates. I will be very interested to see what happens with the Dreadnoughts.

Awesome stuff, we've been talking about pets for awhile so I'm glad to see this discussion. Looking forward to it!

It's good to see tailored armour/robe aspects coming into play for those of us with custom robes. Can't wait to see what kind of custom aspects the Regent staff come up with for these people! Very cool indeed, probably my favourite thing to take away from this ;)

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