Regent Staff Announcement


Regent Staff Announcement

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick announcement regarding changes to the Regent Staff.

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Praetor to the Regent
I have decided to move forward with hiring a Praetor. At first I was skeptical I would find a suitable candidate, but after reading the application of Thran Palpatine and discussing several topics with him, I feel he is the man for the job. Not only did Thran answer all of the questions I had for him excellently, his frame of mind in our conversations was exactly what I was looking for. Based on our conversations. He reminds me a lot of myself when I first joined the staff under our now-Justicar, never-gonna-call-him-Thane Atra. While he has no prior staff experience, I think he'll be a quick learner and impress. He already has a great grasp on the possessions system, and the drive to one day become Regent himself.

Magistrate to the Regent
As stated when I posted the position openings, I am downsizing the Regent staff by two Magistrate positions. This is to keep us "lean and mean", and laser focused on our goals. After reviewing the rest of the applications, I found that Ewok-boy Teebu Nyrrire has shown all the qualities I'm looking for in this position. He's open to learning, is incredibly active, and has proven through his leadership in his clan thus far that he's determined to get things done.

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A huge thank you to my outgoing staff members Turel (Luna Okami), Sang, and Farrin for their dedication and service to the Brotherhood. These staff members went above and beyond the call of duty, and helped shape upcoming content that will be used by the clans and you, the membership, for years to come.

With a large swath of various projects on the Regent Staff pallet, I was determined to find two more individuals that I felt I could trust to push out high quality content in a reasonable amount of time and work together with myself and Slagar as one cohesive unit. I had several great applications that fit the bill for Magistrate, and hope to see this again next time.

Thran's position as Praetor will be permanent until such time as he or I resign, while I plan on continuing to cycle the Magistrate position every six months so that those who want the opportunity as a Dark Council staffer can shoot for it. Should in six months time I find myself in need of an additional Magistrate, I will discuss with Bubba and Evant and consider opening two positions instead of one.

I thank everyone that took the opportunity out of their time to apply for these positions, and don't want you to get discouraged if you weren't picked. There will always be more opportunities to join the staff and see what goes on behind the scenes/contribute to the Brotherhood at large.

That's all for now.

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Welcome to the asylum!

Congratulations to your new staff and existing staff!

Very nice.

Thank ye Sang, Farrin and Turel. Congrats to Thran and Teebu.

Look forward to seeing further developments from the Regent and his staff. ^^

Huge congrats to you both, Thran and Teebu!

Congratulations Thran and Teebu!

Super excited to get to work! Thank you to Anubis and everyone involved in the decision making process.

Congratulations to the new appointees! Good luck in your new posts, and I am really looking forward to the projects being pushed out by the Regent in the coming days.

Selika - It isnt that we are coming to the Asylum. We're bringing you to the real asylum.

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