Regent Staff: Now Hiring


Regent Staff: Now Hiring

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Hello everyone,

As of today, I am opening up applications for the next round of Regent Staff members. Farrin (who has been a Magistrate a long time now), Sang, and Turel's terms all end in about a week and a half, and I am true to my word that the regular Magistrate position will rotate every six months. While there have been some slow times (thanks RoS, real life, Pro-Bowl) the staff made great strides within the last six months, and a lot of exciting content that the current staff had it's hand in is on it's way.

On that note, I am closing two Magistrate positions, and accepting applications for a Praetor and a Magistrate in hopes for a leaner Regent Staff. If I do not find a candidate that I think will grow into a successful Praetor (and eventually, someone who is suitable for my endorsement as the next Regent when I decide to retire) I reserve the right to withhold that position and hire a single Magistrate. Selika Roh di Plagia has indicated he is still interested in remaining on-staff, and will continue serving as Special Magistrate to the Regent.

Anyone (including the current Magistrates) in the DB is welcome to apply, with a few caveats.

  • You must be willing to work with as a team with the rest of the Regent Staff, putting aside any personal differences you may have with anyone who is or may be on the staff with you.
  • You must not be a current staffer from another DC office. I'm not going to steal away someone from another staff.
  • All applicants will be run by the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master for oversight purposes.

All applications must be submitted through this Google form between now and 23:59 EST on Oct 19th. If you apply afterwards, your application will be discarded. The successful candidate(s) will be contacted based on their application with a position offer through email on Oct 22nd, with an announcement following on the news page if accepted.

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I like the no-current DC staff policy. Spread the wealth.

Even though it means you can't apply, Korvy. :( Sticking with precedent set out by Atra though.

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