Regent Staff: Now Hiring New Term


Regent Staff: Now Hiring New Term

Regent Staff: Now Hiring

Hello all. As outlined previously, I am cycling my Magistrates every 6 months. We are coming now to the end of our first team and I once again am asking for applications to select 2 Magistrates. I'd like to also thank my current staffers for their assistance these past 6 months. They've been extremely helpful in maintaining the queue and offering input on the various items and projects I've pushed onto them.

So, at this point there's a non-zero chance you might be wondering what working for Regent staff is like, I'd have you go take a look at the Regent page on the wiki to see what my job entails. That should give you at least a starting point to chip away at to see what the staffers would get up to. But be warned! Entering the Regent staff is entering a world of Google Sheets. Oh yes. Spreadsheets. Big ones! Rows upon rows of data and formatting and highlights! That said, you are free to speak to current staff to get a better idea.

If I have managed to snag your interest, keep reading. Here's what I'm after.

Who Can Apply

You can apply for a position on my staff if you are not currently working on the staff of any other Dark Councillors. The key word here is "other". I do not prevent my current staff from applying to stay on. However, the only advantage this brings is familiarity and experience. This should not discourage others from applying. Fresh blood and new drive help keep the office running smoothly, and sometimes can be absolutely required. I will be looking for the best applicants. Period.


  • Know and understand existing Regent policies pertaining to item creation and aspect submissions
  • Answer member inquiries regarding policy as it is written, deferring to the Regent for policy interpretation
  • Monitor and process aspect requests via the administrative queue
  • Actively contribute to content releases as follows:
    • Populate work space with potential items
    • Fill in descriptions using consistent language and structure based on staff templates
    • Participate in staff discussions and provide input
  • Contribute to case-by-case staff projects as they come up in addition to the base content updates

Applications Should Include

  • Who you are
  • Examples of you working with groups
  • What availability you have to work on projects

Send Applications To

Me! The Regent! I ask that you include in your subject "[Regent App]" so that you trigger my filters, otherwise you run the risk of getting lost. I'll try to catch everyone and will be replying to all applications I receive, so if you don't hear anything after a bit, please reach out to me. You might be lost! So, if you're still in the mood to give it a go, send that application (with the requested subject prefix) to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]!

Applications will remain open until April 30th, 2020 at which time I will be looking to make my decisions. All decisions will first be run past the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master to ensure proper oversight.

Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you.


Hmmm.... plotting intensifies

Do this thing. Do it now!

Yay spreadsheets.

So many spreadsheets.

Apply! Do the things!


Mmmm, spreadsheets. polishes resume

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