Regent Supplemental 1.1: Staff Chosen


Regent Supplemental 1.1: Staff Chosen


Good news everyone!

Selections for new members of the Regent Staff have been made, positions offered, and those people have agreed to take on the job. In total, I received a whopping 12 applications to join the Regent Staff. Several were really thought out despite it being a Google Form, and I'm very happy with the interest that was shown to work on what is one of the most important and unique systems our club deploys, possessions. Out of the several promising applicants, three stood out to me the most during this round of hiring. I have hired the following three individuals to fill the vacancies on my staff, so welcome them to the team:

  • Warden Turel Sorenn: Magistrate to the Regent
  • Augur Sanguinius Entar: Magistrate to the Regent
  • Master Selika Roh: Special Magistrate to the Regent

Over the next six months, Sanguinius and Turel will have the opportunity to work hard for all of the membership, and one of them possibly be offered the position of Praetor to the Regent should I see one of them really excel in the role, just as Atra did with his staff. Should neither of them do so, I will accept applications for two new Magistrates in six months' time, and keep that rotation schedule. Slagar's position of Special Magistrate will not be rotating. Farrin has agreed to remain on the staff for the time being to assist the new Magistrates in learning about aspect remands and approvals, and some general ins/outs as we continue to plug away at the ongoing projects over the next several weeks.

Note: If you applied this round and did not get the position, I ask that you do not get discouraged and still encourage you to apply next time.

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Awesome all and Congratulations!

Congratulations to the new staffers!

Congrats everyone!

Excellent choices for our wordsmiths, Brother Anubis.

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