Regent Supplemental #2.1


Regent Supplemental #2.1

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Hello everyone,

No, no post-RoS possessions yet. The Herald Staff is still very much hard at work on these though, and it shouldn't be much longer before I'm releasing another supplemental specific to those and announcing the opening of the Shroud Syndicate Market.

In this supplemental we'll be covering some item category fixes/updates, new slotting options for Clans, and the addition of Vizsla's items!

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Item Category Fixes/Updates

Several days ago Slagar noticed that certain member starships going as far back as the Fallen Order/Mandalorian item release were in a Clan-only ground transports item category "Transports", likely due to the naming convention used for the item category. To fix this (and prevent it from happening going forward), we've renamed this and the other category used by clans "Ground Transports" and "Space Transports", because "Ground Troop Transports" and "Space Troop Transports" just seemed like a bit too much of a mouthful, and deployed some item changes to several member starships that had an effect on pricing for some of them.

  • Oubillete-class Transport

    • Changed to Light Freighter member category
    • New Price: 216,000
  • Starlight-class Light Freighter

    • Changed to Light Freighter member category
    • New Price: 60,000
  • WTK-85A Interstellar Transport

    • Changed to Shuttle member category
    • Same Price: 45,000
  • YC-123B Transport Hauler

    • Changed to Light Freighter member category
    • New Price: 60,000
  • TIE/RP Reaper Attack Lander

    • Changed to Shuttle member category
    • Same Price: 135,000

The YC-132B Transport Hauler and Starlight-class Light Freighter are seeing an increase to 60,000 as this is the lowest price available for Light Freighters. Members that currently own these ships will get to keep them at the instance's current price of 45,000, but should they ever sell them, they will un-stock from the stores and re-stock at the new price.

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New Slotting Options for Clans

We've deployed changes to some select capital ships and the clans' ground force companies, allowing them to slot Flights and Ground Transports to these specific items. While I'll be upfront with saying the container system exists for exactly this reason, we believe that this solution will make assigning specific flights/transports to certain craft a bit easier fictionally, leading to better Clan storytelling (should the clans choose to use them).

The amount of slots for ground force companies are linear, but starships are not; as each starship only holds a specific amount of craft. For this, we used Wookieepedia as a guideline, using canon information to determine how many of each Flight should be attached to each capital ship. Where this information didn't exist, we looked for the sweet spot to find the most reasonable number.

It's worth mentioning that this change originally came from a proposal presented by Erinyes, the Taldryan Consul. While we didn't move ahead with her specific vision, this change was born from that proposal and came about directly as a result of it. Never be afraid to submit a proposal to the Regent Staff for consideration. Even if we say no, something like it may come about at a later time.

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Clan Vizsla Items

And now the moment that Clan Vizsla members have been waiting for or just immediately scrolled to! Not too long ago, Evant worked with the various Consuls on setting up a new, unique item for each Clan's title holders to buy. Vizsla, with no title holders at the time, did not get an item deployed as a result, nor did they have a ring accessory to purchase from the store.

That changes today! With Zoron being named the first Ad Vizsla, Korvis approached me about having a Vizsla clan item added to the store. After a bit of dialogue, we're happy to present to the Brotherhood at large the Vizsla Challenge Coin for purchase by those who carry the Ad Vizsla title... that means you, Zoron. After thinking on it some more, I also decided to retroactively create a ring in the same style as the other clans, with the same naming convention as the other clans: the Ad Vizsla Ring.


That's all for this supplemental. I'm hoping to be able to share final item prototypes of the post-RoS possessions and weapon upgrades with you guys soon(tm). As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or proposals, please email us at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

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Thank you for working on the Clan Items so quickly Anubis. We are super stoked at how they turned out.

No problem Korvis!

(Credit to Slagar for the ring image)

Very nice. Always glad to see that we are changing and adjusting our system to make things like slotting and transports/shuttles a bit better. Bravo.

coin flip

Thanks for the hard work on it! It looks terrific!

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