Regent Supplemental #2.2


Regent Supplemental #2.2


Hello everyone! As you can see, this is not a report. If you are looking for a report it is only that the new staff has settled in and we are just about at final review for our first big content drop. This drop will include Solo and Resistance related items as well as some things we slipped into the front of the queue. Now, for this post, we are trying something new. With the popularity of the Mandalorian, we have decided to introduce themed store fronts. The first stab at this will be with the Mandalorian Forge.

Mandalorian Forge Icon

The Mandalorian Forge is a newly opened store that can act as a one-stop shop for themed characters. We have added an initial offering of item prototypes that are either explicitly Mandalorian or related in some way to depictions of Mandalorians that we have seen. As new content is identified and added, you will find it in the regular stores as well as the themed store front. Now, this isn't to say this is the only store one would need for their themed character. It's just a quick reference point! One should still peruse the wares to be found in our primary stores.

That being said, this is (as mentioned previously) a bit of an experiment. If it is well received or deemed useful, we will look at additional themed stores. This depends on member feedback, so know that the Regent staff will be listening (and probably putting out surveys periodically).

Now then, there's another episode of The Mandalorian dropping soon. I intend to watch it. Enjoy yourselves and happy spending!


Thank you for reading and remember: any questions relating to the Possessions system, item mechanics, or features can be emailed to me directly at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


That's interesting! Not a theme I personally use, but I can definitely see the appeal. Definitely interested in seeing more themed stores. Looking forward to seeing the survey.

Great. Now it is even easier for me to spend all my credits.

Baby Yoda sipping tea meme

Makes sense, definitely warranted with all the new Mando stuff!

I like this idea, saves a lot of time having to filter through 2332535 pages of items for that one thing you want.

My new favourite store. :)

Would love to see more themed stores, but can imagine that getting quickly granular, even if only looking at Orders or Traditons (since Mando is a Tradition).

I think this is a good concept, but should be used limitedly.

Love the idea of themed stores as long as they're properly curated (which this seems to be) and don't start cluttering up the store interface.

I love the idea. Personally though, I think it should be like an item ‘tag’ instead of a completely different shop. That way the interface won’t get cluttered if more of these themed shops are implemented.

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