Regent Supplemental #2.2


Regent Supplemental #2.2

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Hello everyone,

In this quick supplemental, we're releasing member post-RoS possession prototypes into the wild that is the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and opening the Shroud Syndicate Market!

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Faction Possessions

As announced in Bubba's vendetta-opener news post and my subsequent report post-event, for this vendetta we went with something a little different outlined by Bubba; each participating member of a faction during the event gets access to a special item relating to their faction, with the top 10 members from each of these sub-factions being granted one of these items for free. These items were designed with each sub-faction in mind. For the top 3 factions, this item has been tied to the Herald dossier artwork for the event that Rian Taldrya will be announcing in due time.

Of note: Although the 1st place winning faction gets two dossier arts, they still only get one possession.

The items in question are:

Shroud Syndicate Market Open!

Following up on the release of the above items is the opening of the Shroud Syndicate Market, a limited time post-vendetta store that includes items from all past vendettas since possessions went live, as well as the current vendetta.

The Shroud Syndicate Market will remain open for approximately two weeks time, so make sure you pick up your faction's item and any other items you want before it closes. I know some of you will have complaints about the lack of additional stock, but rest assured, I'm pushing to have some solid additions and item expansions come next vendetta. :D

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That's all for post-RoS rewards. At this point, clan credits and fleet upgrades have been rewarded, and this was the final piece of the puzzle.

Weapon Upgrades are in their very final phase before implementation so I hope to have that all said and done soon, but I'm currently away from home working until the 22nd (with limited internet access from the 9th to the 22nd because the mine site I'll be at way up here in Quebec's Nunavik (it's currently a crisp 8 degrees celsius there!) region forces us to purchase our internet at $20/GB) and implementation may not happen until the end of the month while the final kinks are ironed out with Evant/Bubba. That being said, I'm super excited to get this release out to you (with an extra surprise included!) and I'm asking you guys just to be patient a lil' while longer.

While I have limited internet access, the rest of the Regent Staff will continue to process the aspect queue and the Clan Planetary Assets project under the just this surprise second Noobis-volunteered oversight of the two previous Regents, Evant/Atra to make sure things are operating smoothly.

That's all for this supplemental. As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or proposals, please email us at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

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Impressive work as always!! Thank you for the update while traveling.

Much excitement. The update is really appreciated! Looking forward to seeing the finalized Weapon Upgrades.

I am so happy about this ring

Loving the blaster rifle.

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