Regent Supplemental 20.1


Regent Supplemental 20.1

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Hello friends!

Just a quick supplemental to let you guys know of some changes we've made to the Trial of Identity items. The Novitate Armory items, Knight Lightsaber, and the Trial of Identity starship choices (Stealthipede-class Shuttle, Star Commuter 2000) have been sellable since implementation to act as a small, non-reversable credit boost to our newer members. Since then, credit sources have increased, progression has become easier, and it is now easier than ever to earn credits quickly and buy the things you want. Possessions is not in its infancy anymore. In light of that, and after some discussion with Bubba, the Regent Staff has decided to remove the credit value overrides from the Novitate Armory items provided by the Trial of Identity, and stock the Stealthipede-class Shuttle and Star Commuter 2000 in Arx Starship Acquisitions.

Anyone who currently owns, or will own in the future, the Novitate Armory items will be unable to sell them. Anyone who wishes to buy back their "starter ship" can do so at any time now, which we felt made the most sense as these are the lowest-cost ships in the system. If you're one of those people that hates seeing Commodity-rarity gear (granted Trial of Identity items, society-granted items), you can always spawn a Cold Storage Container and throw them in there. The container will still be visible in your possessions admin, but you and every other member will not be able to see this container in your dossier's possessions list. The Knight Lightsaber remains unchanged. You can sell it for that credit boost, but once you have, its gone for good. If it's "sentimental", or may become sentimental down the road, don't sell it.

I want to be perfectly clear here: If you have previously sold your Novitiate/Armory gear, or Knight Lightsaber, those will not be granted back to you as is long-standing (longer than I've been involved) Regent Staff policy. At some point, you made the conscious decision to sell those items for that extra credit boost (no matter how big or small that boost was), or wanted to be rid of them at that time.

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Project Craft 'Em All

We're making some really solid progress on what is turning out to be the biggest Regent Staff project in a long time - crafting. We've worked out details and received approval for the new trophy and the superspecialgrantedcraftingmaterial costs for the specific item types that we want members to be able to craft at launch, and are now working on an extensive list of craftable item prototypes. The list is long, but as said previously (and to temper expectations) you will not be able to craft every item prototype currently in possessions, and at launch (possibly not ever) not every item type is included.

Once we have our craftable item prototypes list down, we can focus on the purchasable crafting materials list and what will be (because it has to) an expansive list of crafting blueprints, with each craftable prototype requiring a blueprint. I don't have a timetable for when this project will launch, but we're making fantastic progress on it and I'm really excited to see it come to fruition. It hasn't stopped us from working on other things, either, such as our sixth Booster Release.

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As always...

  • If you have any questions/comments/concerns about a possession or the possessions system, or have found an error, please email us at the Regent Staff mailing list (linked below).
  • If you have a canon/legends item prototype or droid/starship/weapon upgrade suggestion, please use the suggestion box (linked below).
  • If you want to propose a non-canon/non-legends item prototype for inclusion in possessions, follow the Item Prototype Approval Policy (linked below) and send us the full proposal outlined therein.

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First? This never happens to me! So cool! Also, great update! But also first!

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