Regent Supplemental #3.1


Regent Supplemental #3.1


Hello all,

I'd like to start off by thanking members who have been emailing us with things they are noticing. It's easy to miss small errors when there's so much sheer volume on our end. The user experience benefits us greatly and will continue to in the future.

That said, I'd like to follow up with an announcement regarding the position of Praetor on the Regent Staff. Through this first stretch of work I have been evaluating my staff on a myriad of factors. In this time, I've come to settle on one Magistrate in particular: Nihlus Vexrii. He has been an eager whirlwind taking to tasks and being vocal in staff discussions. I look forward to seeing that continue as he becomes one of the cornerstones within the staff. I can honestly say it would have been a less enjoyable venture getting the last content drop out without his assistance and it will continue to be welcomed.

Congratulations, Nihlus.

Now, for some fixes!

Change Log: Hot fixes

  • Armory and Novitiate Armory lightsabers had a bit too much of the sauce and thought "blaster doors" was way more interesting a name for those darn "blast doors". They've been sobered up and educated.
  • A180 Blaster Pistols are out of their rebellion phase and brought back into the BlasTech fold. BlastTech sounded like a Nar Shadaa knock-off anyhow.
  • The DL-44 Blaster Pistol and X-0X Droid had some measure of stage fright and gave the stage crew the slip. They have been located and beaten given special care, they can be seen on the main stage now and are no longer hidden.

Please note, name changes do not trickle down to existing items. If you want to have the proper name on your A180 Blaster Pistols you will need to sell them and purchase a prototype instance with the corrected name. Out of courtesy for not disrupting your Loadouts, we did not decommission and replace your existing items.


Thank you for reading and remember: any questions relating to the Possessions system, item mechanics, or features can be emailed to me directly at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


Nice fix. +1 Upvote First.

Blasty McBlasterson disapproves. Good stuff though.

Congrats Nihlus my friend!

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