Regent Supplemental #4.2: Maintenance End


Regent Supplemental #4.2: Maintenance End


This supplemental is to announce that we are now exiting Maintenance Mode for the following store:

  • Arx Starship Acquisitions

We have also now opened Synergy Starship Outfitters with can be found in the Themed Store section of the Item Store interface.

Please note! As a byproduct of changing the Aspects and Slots of the ships, all previously selected Aspects (ie. your Cosmetics) are no longer selected. But do not fret! Your old customs are still in the system, you just need to select them again. Phew. Crisis averted there!

Speaking of aspects, here is the description of the new Space Vehicle Modification aspect type that is replacing the old one:

The Space Vehicle Modification Aspect is a non-functional aspect that modifies the interior or exterior design of a space vehicle in a manner that does not provide a meaningful ship-based function or alteration to performance.

Let's go over a few things to help you understand how upgrades can be selected. While we believe the system is self-explanatory, we will be providing a wiki page to act as a guide. A Sherpa on the mountain of upgrades, if you will. When deciding on your upgrades, you'll need to look at what slots are available on the ship of your choice. These slots correspond to groupings of items that you can find via either Category or Type (these are the same, though one includes tiers while the other does not). You then navigate the Outfitters store and buy the slot items you're interested in! If you don't want to worry about keeping the tiers in mind, know that the rarity of the upgrade coincides with the rarity of the ship. An uncommon ship cannot slot rare upgrades while a rare ship can slot rare or lower upgrades.

You will also find that there are two kinds of Hardpoints available! We have regular and "Large" Hardpoints. You will never find a Large Hardpoint on a fighter or shuttle, but you may find them on select freighters and other larger ships! These are for the "big guns" that a smaller ship just can't handle.

A big thanks to Evant and the previous Regent Staff for laying the groundwork for us to build off for implementation!

Anyhow, keep an eye out for the wiki or ask questions if you're still confused! Happy shopping!


Thank you for reading and remember: any questions relating to the Possessions system, item mechanics, or features can be emailed to Regent Staff at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].



Thanks to the prior Regent Staff for laying out the groundwork for these to take place.

That was extremely fast work. Thank you, I look forward to going through what has been created here.

So very cool Regent and Team, thanks!

Bravo on the quick turnover from start to finish of the maintenance and I have already started to dive into upgrading and tinkering a bit. Very nice.

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