Regent Supplemental #4.3: Upgrade Stocking Issue


Regent Supplemental #4.3: Upgrade Stocking Issue



So, sometimes things don't go exactly how we expect. This just happened with the Upgrades. As it turns out, if you have slotted your upgrades into a ship and then sell that ship, you will be selling the ship and all of the slotted items. This method of selling ignores the "sell back" rules of the system and sells all the items to the parent's store.

As a result, we had quite the stockpile of upgrades starting to stink up the place in Arx Starship Acquisitions.

They have since been purged with clinical precision. Zxyl has scrubbed the walls, the floors, the boxes, the crates, and yes...even the ceiling. We have also updated all existing Upgrade items to have an additional unstocking rule for the ASA storefront.

This is an important mistake because we have learned from it. We have been considering slots for other methods in our system (like, say, slotting weapons into a Droid instead of having them sit in your precious Loadout slots) and knowing the behaviour ahead of time is good.

Yes. This is good. Mistakes are good...provided we reflect upon them. So! Moral is, if you sell your ship, you're also selling your upgrades in it. Might want to consider unslotting them before you sell if you want to keep them around!


Thank you for reading and remember: any questions relating to the Possessions system, item mechanics, or features can be emailed to Regent Staff at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


I heard droid slots for weapons!

R2 rolls in with a Ion Blaster

Take that filthy Jawas

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