Regent Supplemental 6.3: Celebration Store Open


Regent Supplemental 6.3: Celebration Store Open


Happy New Year everyone!

It has been quite the year, to say the least. Could fit a decade worth of stress into just this one. In recognition of that, and in the hope of a better year to come at least in some way, we are happy to announce that for the next 7 days the Celebration Store will be open to our members.

Make sure to get in there and get what you might have missed out on before! Keep in mind there is limited stock in place at a time, so you may enter the store between restocks and not find something you may be looking for. Just wait for the site to restock and come back in. It's a good thing our supplier has unlimited inventory or we'd have a serious problem!

Once again, the store is only open temporarily and will close again at end of day on Thursday, January 7th, 2021. Happy spending.


Thank you for reading and remember: any questions relating to the Possessions system, item mechanics, or features can be emailed to Regent Staff at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


Take that, 2020

Heeeellloooo 2021

Nice work, guys. Such awesome stuff, and a great time to treat us all.


Seriously though, thanks for opening the store to kick in the New Year.

You're awesome Atra! Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

Beskar for everybody!

That Dark Age Sith Armor is badass too!!!

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