Rite of Supremacy Tournaments: Round Two Deadline


Rite of Supremacy Tournaments: Round Two Deadline

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Rite of Supremacy Tournaments: Round Two Deadline

I am disappointed that I am having to set deadlines for people to complete their tournament matches. To those of you who are completing your matches in a timely manner, thank you!

I'm setting a deadline for all second round matches for site reset this Friday, June 25th. We are four weeks into this event, extensions will be extremely limited.

After the deadline passes, I will ask for proof of which person has made more of an effort to schedule the match and determine who forfeits on that evidence. If neither member has made any significant attempt, both will be marked as a forfeit.

My suggestion is to not reach that point.

I also suggest anyone that does complete their match to set up the next ones as soon as possible. This procrastination on matches is leading to a shortened time frame for the later rounds.

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