Rollmaster Report #2


Rollmaster Report #2


Brothers and Sisters of Odan Urr

This is your loveable Rollmaster, once again, coming at ya from the Sacred Heap with another report.

I'd like to apologize, not only for the lateness of this report, but the length of it. Please, bare with me as I continue developing a sound structure for us to follow. While I know I havent given many details as of yet, I'm sure you've all seen the fruits of my labor and are getting an general idea of what I intend to do through action.

It has also been a crazy few months and I'm deeply saddened that so many people have become one with the Force. In the wake of this Covid pandemic, many lives have been affected, our friends and loved ones, all in one way or another have felt the effects and I wish everyone the best. Stay safe out there and be smart.

But enough with the doom and gloom. Let's talk Clan Odan-Urr.


The Rollmaster's office has been buzzing with activity as of late and things have been happening just as I hoped they would, as I outlined in my application and in the documents I created detailing my goals.

While there is still plenty of work to be done, I have been focusing a lot of my attention on spreading the news of our Club; actively recruiting, and working on tweaking the Master/Student program.

In the coming months I would like to establish updated wiki articles, tutorial videos, and run 'series' competitions specifically geared towards training. I will keep you posted as details become available.

If you are a Master, you've undoubtedly witnessed some of the things I've been rolling out behind the curtain as they pertain to you especially. My goal is to develop our system and put in place a solid foundation that will be beneficial to, not only the here and now, but the future of our Clan.

In recent months I have developed a Facebook page which has garnered much attention. I've targeted specific groups and have drawn in over 100 followers and have recruited 11 new members in a months time. Some of those members have already begun moving up the ladder and have been chatting with us on Telegram.

New Members

  • Katy
  • Vuxox Doveo
  • Timewolf
  • Erik Tano
  • Gwowk
  • Hakatsuki
  • Elyon de Neverse

The other three still need to pass the Test of Identity. If you have not yet taken it, I suggest doing so. An immersive Star Wars experience awaits!

Newest Master/Student Pairings

  • Master Jon Silva - Apprentice Gwowk
  • Master Essik Lyccane - Apprentice Elyon de Neverse
  • Master Sa Ool - Apprentice Vuxox Doveo
  • Master Aurora "Aura" Ta'var - Apprentice Hakatsuki
  • Master Edgar Drachen - Apprentice Shayna Phantom

I look forward to what everyone will accomplish. Keep up the great work and have fun!


Clan Competitions


Please stay tuned for further updates. If anyone is interested in helping me with Wiki articles, just shoot me an email or let me know on Telegram or Discord and I we can discuss the direction I wish to take.

For now, I ask that we keep up our activity levels. Everyone is doing great and I'm super happy with how everything and everyone is coming together for their Clan!

May The Force Be With Us

Welcome to the clan all!

Short report but still nice to see. Thanks Gui!

Nice to see such an ongoing success.

Thank you for the updates in your report.

Thank you for offering the opportunity to join the Odan-Urr clan. It is a great honor for me to be here.

And thank my master Essik Lyccan for choosing me. May the Force be with you

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