Run-On: The Tides of Darkness, Chapter 2: The Darkening


Run-On: The Tides of Darkness, Chapter 2: The Darkening

The Tides of Darkness, Chapter 2: The Darkening

Drac-pool (Yes, the hype is real!) and Eiko-shach here: We have rolled out another update, and it includes a twist! As your Quaestors continue to use you as pawns on the battlefield (It's for your own good, we swear!), you'll need to form teams with other members from within and outside of your House. Go into the updated post here to read who you've been assigned to work with.

This won't necessarily last for the entire Run-On, so make sure to get some solid interaction in with your team while you have the chance. This is meant to push the Run-On in one solid direction and get you coordinating with some of your fellow writers, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Business, Business, Business

Other announcements pertaining to the Run-On:

So far, so good, guys!

The reservation system has been working well, and people are working on their posts with good rhythm and pretty awesome writing. As far as reserving posts goes, since we're having line-ups of reservations stretching into the future, please do the nice thing and inform the next person in line once you've posted -- that's the start of their 24 hour window to write and post.

If you feel left out, then join in so you can stop feeling that way! The participants up to this point have been called out by name in the plot update, but that doesn't mean that Johnny Darkside can't have bummed a ride over to the moon even after the fighting's started. You want in? Get yourself in. That's as simple as it gets.

This is also not a competition, which has been surprising to some people. Drac and I will be looking into options here, but the main goals of the Run-On are to: create interesting character interactions, have a persistent space for getting your character developed and fleshed out, and to improve your writing skills in a low-impact environment at your own tempo.


Dracaryis and Eiko

Left and Right Wings of Dread

Hop to it, kids.

Awwww yisss. the plot thickens!

Brim, you need to get after it. The blue guy in the Captain Steubing outfit needs to make an appearance.

I would, but been having hard time getting internet on the road and the times i do, someone has reserved a spot so can't guarantee I'd get mine done in timely manner.

Besides, i have no clue to where my character is needed

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