[SA] New Course & Magistrate


[SA] New Course & Magistrate


New Writing Department Course: Descriptive Writing

One of the Shadow Academy’s ongoing projects is to expand our writing department with courses designed to help members learn more about writing and improve their skills, particularly as they pertain to the kinds of writing we do here – with the ultimate goal of having a complete track of writing courses to restore the Writing Sage degree.

My Praetor, Erinyes, has been leading this effort. Last year, we released her course, Story Structure I, and today we’re announcing the release of Descriptive Writing!

This new course covers what descriptive writing is and why writers use it, the principles of how to employ it in your writing (including some tips on what to avoid), and techniques that writers can use to include more descriptive language in their work.

New Magistrate!

My call for a new Magistrate yielded some great applications from members I enjoyed getting to know from their applications and chatting with a few of them during the process, so thank you to everyone who applied. Ultimately, I decided to bring on Appius “Zappius” Wight.

Appius is well known to many for his enthusiasm and efforts to bring our community closer together. He came to the application process with some great ideas for approaching the Star Wars lore focus we wanted for this position and has already hit the ground on running on multiple projects we have planned for the coming year, so I’m excited to have him on staff and look forward to working with him.

Reminder: SARLACC Launches Friday

Finally, a quick reminder that the Shadow Academy’s cooperative ACC competition, SARLACC, is launching on Friday, January 15.

If you’d like to participate in this competition but haven’t yet qualified for the ACC, you’ll need to do so by taking and passing the qualification exam before you can join the competition. Anyone who is ACC qualified will be eligible to participate, and members will get to choose their own matches for the cooperative battles.


What do you mean by members will get to choose their own matches?

Well done Ciara and Erinyes and everyone else. And congrats Zapps! Thanks for the continued work, SA.

Andrelious - just meaning that you'll be responsible for your own challenges for the competition, so you'll be able to form your co-op team. You choose who to fight rather than signing up and getting paired off. :)

Thank you, Ciara for giving me a chance to serve on the SA staff! :D

Congratulations, Appius! And I want to thank the Headmistress and folks for yet another course in the Shadow Academy. ^^

Congratulations Zappius, finally an outlet for all that lore.

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