[SA] New Courses: Possessions, Stories, Law & SAS(s)!


[SA] New Courses: Possessions, Stories, Law & SAS(s)!

Stuck in quarantine and desperate for something to do? Already taken all the Shadow Academy courses you care to attempt? Looking for one of those first ten to score 100% trophies? The Shadow Academy has you covered! Announcing four new courses:

Character Sheets 102: Possessions & Loadouts

Possessions & Loadouts is a new addition to our Fundamentals Department. It is a follow-up to Character Sheets 101 designed to help new (and returning) members understand our possessions system and how to build the loadouts required for many fiction competitions. It even includes basic instruction on the latest update to these systems: upgrades!

Story Structure I

This addition to our Writing Department is brought to you by the lovely Erinyes. Full of examples from the Star Wars universe and “hypothetical” DJB fiction plots, Story Structure I introduces students to the fundamentals of using the story's inherent structure—its plot and scenes—to strengthen the story and engage the reader.

I’d encourage everyone interested in improving their writing skills to take a look. It certainly helped me look at my own stories in a new light.

Oh, and one more reason this course is important … notice that “I” in the course title. This is the first of a series of courses we’re hoping to develop with the ultimate goal of restoring the as yet unattainable Writing Sage. #hype

Chamber of Justice 101: Basic Covenant Studies

But wait! Don’t we already have Chamber of Justice 101? We did, but that course – a Primer on Member Conduct – has been deemed more appropriate for the Fundamentals Department to encourage our new members to become familiar with the rules of the club.

This course, a new addition to the Leadership, Law & Communications Department, will be the new first in a series of courses the Chamber of Justice has had planned for some time to offer our members a look at the judicial system within the Brotherhood and a knowledge path for those interested in pursuing positions within the Chamber.

Basic Covenant Studies is just that – an introduction and overview of the Covenant.

Societies: Shadow Academy Society

The eagle-eyed among you will note that we actually snuck this course in a few weeks ago without an announcement, so we figured we’d let the rest of you in on the secret!

This course, authored by SA Magistrate Xantros, completes our Societies series within the Fundamentals Department, joining the other society courses and introducing members to the history, purpose, ranks and awards that the Shadow Academy Society has to offer.

… and that’s it! For now. Stay tuned!

Darkness Guide,

Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae
Praetor to the Headmaster

More courses and a developing Shadow Academy society as we fine tune things. Very nice.

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