SA Staff: Mass Hiring


SA Staff: Mass Hiring

The Shadow Academy needs your help! No, we’re not under siege (again) … but we do need some more minions – err, hands, to help! Xantros and Erinyes are both retiring from their roles as Magistrate and Praetor, so we’ve decided to hire for a few other positions, along with their replacements, including one new dedicated Magistrate position.


I will be hiring three Magistrates. One of those will be solely dedicated to trivia, while the other two will perform the traditional tasks of … well, just about anything that needs doing, as well as helping to support professors in the grading of exams when needed. These positions will also each have their own focus, where they may work on related projects or run competitions.

  • Magistrate (Dedicated to Trivia) - In an effort to make the Shadow Academy-hosted trivia more frequent, this position will be solely focused on helping us get to the point where we can run live trivia on a weekly basis. That will include helping to build a bank of trivia questions and answers, actually running trivia competitions on Discord, and, of course, bringing their own ideas on how else we might use the trivia bot to host various kinds of competitions.

  • Magistrate (New Member Focus) - In addition to normal Magistrate duties, this Magistrate will focus on the new member experience. They will assist with keeping courses in the Fundamentals department up to date with changes and also monitor the welcome channel on Discord to help ensure new joins have a smooth experience getting authenticated and welcomed to the Brotherhood.

  • Magistrate (Lore Focus) - In addition to normal Magistrate duties, this Magistrate will focus on the Shadow Academy’s role as the fount of Star Wars knowledge and lore. They will be involved in running regular competitions to this end, including the incorporation of the new Aurora Collegium.


As Praetor, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the Shadow Academy and act as a project manager in many aspects to help ensure everything stays on track. With the projects we have currently in queue, I’d ideally like a strong writer and/or editor that would be able to help bring some “almost there” courses to completion. It isn’t a must-have if you have other abilities or ideas you want to bring to the Shadow Academy, but it’s worth noting in your application if that happens to be within your wheelhouse!

Professor of Writing

Our current professor of writing, Dek, has decided to step down and open the Department of Writing for a new professor. This is a department that does require a grader with a strong grasp of the topic so that they can provide valuable feedback to students trying to improve in this area. It is also a department that is in the process of a major overhaul to restore the complete range of writing degrees, so there is opportunity (but no requirement) to assist in the development of new courses, as well. Just be sure to mention in your application if you have any interest in that aspect of the job.

Applications will be open for the next two weeks and close on Sunday, May 8th. To apply, just use this handy-dandy Google form.

If you have questions about any of the positions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me on Discord!


So many opportunities.

Very nice. Lots of open spots. Thank you to those leaving these spots for all your hard work. Trivia has been especially fun under Xantros watch.

Awesome opportunities for people! I loved doing SA stuff back in the day. (Not to sound old... lol.) Back when Professors had an amusing name... oh Eclectic Pedagogs... Haha.

Lots of opportunities for the lovely members of the community.

My first DC assistant role was M:HM. I highly recommend it, especially the one focusing on new members. They’re our future!

Best office is SA office!

Speaking from experience, P:HM is a great job.

^ What Bubba said. Get on it and apply folks!

Writing Department needs some love and care. I only wish I had the time anymore to keep up with it.

As a twice now Professor in the Shadow Academy I can tell you that the work is both rewarding and enjoyable. I highly encourage interested parties in applying.

As a twice now SA Magistrate and a Professor of Writing Department and Leadership Department, I can tell you that the service is extremely rewarding and enjoyable. It is an opportunity not to be missed, if you wish to use your knowledge and skills for our community!

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