SARLACC Round 2 Extended to March 7th


SARLACC Round 2 Extended to March 7th


Real World Problems

We strive for fairness in competitions and the ACC but real life always comes first. Several members have been affected by the recent winter storms in North America including extended power loss in some areas. Members affected by the winter storms or other personal emergency can have their post deadlines extended up to 7 days. Matches have already been extended because of the storm. If you are affected by the winter storms or you either know your opponent has been or you have not heard from your opponent please let the competition organizers know. Unit leaders are also encouraged to reach out to the competition organizers on their member's behalf. Extensions are always preferable to reopening a match, which is an extreme remedy that requires making adjustments in the database.

Competition extension

Post extensions can address the short term needs of those facing real world emergencies but in a competition like this with a tight match timeline this can shorten the overall time available for their opponents to post as well. In the interest of fairness to all parties the match deadline for Round 2 has been extended to March 7th. All matches must now be complete by 11:59 P.M. GMT or site time on March 7th. After that time all open matches will be manually closed and scored accordingly. Members are still limited to three battles in round 2.

  • For questions/concerns about the competition please email all the competition organizers Turel/Rajhin, Ciara, and Erinyes.

Stay safe and stay warm!

Turel "Rajhin" Combat Master

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