Scholae Palatinae Announcement: Excidium Summit Chosen


Scholae Palatinae Announcement: Excidium Summit Chosen

Consul Report

Quick Announcement Time! After receiving some wonderful applications from several very talented members, we have decided to close applications for Excidium Quaestor. There were a lot of very good strong applications received, and we spent a lot of time talking it over. In the end however, Eli, Mune, and myself all came to the same conclusion for what we were going to do.

Braecen Kaeth will be joining us as our new Excidium Quaestor. Braecen has a long history with CSP as one of its former Consuls, and has a long track record as an outstanding leader in many positions here in the club. His application included a lot of awesome points and we are very very excited to have him on board as part of Team CSP.

That said, we also want to recognize a lot of the other applications we’ve received. One of the things specifically mentioned by Braecen was his plan to utilize and prepare an AED for bigger positions. While bringing back the position of AED has been discussed at length since before we removed it from use last year, we felt for House Excidium, and with Braecen’s awesome training capabilities it definitely merited opening it back up.

To that end from our pool of applicants we have given the position of Excidium Aedile to Alara Deathbane.

We are very excited to be working with these two, and for what they bring in for continued Excidium development. Thank you again all who have applied and congratulations Braecen and Alara!


Congratulations Executor Braecen and Alara!!

BYYYEE BRAE BAE D: I'll miss you!

Congrats! Take care of her!

Congratulations both of you! :)

Congrats to both of you!

Thank you everyone :) I look forward to serving Excidium further in this way <3

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