Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #18


Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #18

Consul Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae! This is a big one, lots of news, and the ending results for Operation: Starfall! I want to thank you all for your patience in getting this report and results together! It has been a bit hectic two weeks for myself, but without further adieu, here is this slightly late Consul Report!



The fiction is also available on the forums

The fiction is also available in PDF format

Operation Starfall Ending Fiction

Forward Base

“We have successfully ran the simulation numbers here. Numerical algorithms are stable to within a small margin of error. Just make sure to trigger the charges in the correct order or we cannot rely on the accuracy of the simulation,” Elincia’s voice crackled with static as she gave the go orders to the clan.

“Assuming Blade and Eether actually broken into the correct computer system,” Jorm joked. Blade threw the mostly eaten piece of fruit she had at the Kiffar. Mune cleared his throat and addressed the floating head of the Proconsul.

“We are just waiting for our clanmates to take their positions in the crystal cave. I don’t expect much of a fight from the miners, I think having that many of us down there is a bit overkill to contain them.”

The floating hologram of Elincia’s head nodded to her master.

“Better safe than sorry. That many miners could still pose a threat,” she stated. “The rest of you should get into position to take the compound. The Emperor is voicing his annoyance at the delays.”

The Palatinaeans in the tent sighed. It was as the Emperor’s insistence they took the long path to this point. Several of them had frequently vocalized that dropping the Warspite above the planet would have settled this issue in a matter of minutes. Hours at most. Instead here they sat weeks later, caked in mud and dirt, ready to finally take action.

Mune stood straight and stiff.

“For the Empire.”

The Forgotten Temple

“G14. Send word to the palace. The Emperor will have his price in the next few hours,” Elincia said sinking into her chair. She started to read over the simulation data again, checking it for the dozenth time.

“I… I am encountering some new security firewalls,” G14 voiced.

“Must have pushed another update out. That makes five this week,” Elincia said.

“Protocols updated. The Emperor is requesting your presence,” G14 responded after a moment. Elincia finished reading the data before standing up. She was a bit annoyed that he was requesting her be there in person. She had work to do.

“Tell him I’m on my way.”

SoroSuub Compound

Eyar Nep hummed as he went over the current numbers. They were ahead of schedule. Aesirus wasn’t a glorious post, but SoroSuub always properly rewarded its employees. The sooner the mining operation here was established, and the sooner the money started flowing, the sooner Eyar would be promoted to something more befitting his skill set.

The Sullustan reached for his cup of tea. Before his hand made it, there was tremor. The glass of the cup rattled as it vibrated on its saucer and the Sullustan’s hand froze in the air. The tremor stopped for a moment. Eyar Nep got half a sigh of relief out before the ground shook for real. The entire compound shook and heaved. Within 10 seconds the flashing red lights alerting dangerous began, accompanied by a screeching siren. Line after line of analysis on the quake began scrolling on every screen in the entire compound.

The already large black eyes of the planetary manager went even wider. The warning that flashed on the screens didn’t seem possible. The entire compound had shifted, and a large pocket of water now rested beneath them. The compound was going to sink. They had one option. Retreat into the darkness of the mine system to get away.

Eyar Nep slammed his hand onto his communication pad.

“To the mines, evacuate immediately!”

Kyber Crystal Cave

The dust from the tunnels leading to the cave still filled the air. Lexiconus held some spare cloth to his tentacled face to prevent inhaling any. As planned, the charges that had been placed did their job well. The earthquake certainly felt genuine enough, and the cave which he and so many of his clanmates stood waiting remained perfectly intact.

With the charges detonated, the cave now stood in silence. The large void of space was big enough to fit thousands. Much of it was still shrouded in darkness, the portable lights Scholae Palatinae had placed within not enough to fully penetrate the vastness of the cave.

Then came the noise of panic. The miners were racing along the only route available in the cave system. That route ended in the open arms of the Empire. At the forefront of the pack was the one known as Eyar Nep. Lexiconus dropped the cloth and stepped in front of the mass of miners and workers flooding into the cave. Before Eyar Nep could speak, Lexiconus raised a hand.

“Welcome my friends. The Empire thanks you for deciding to turn to us for safety.” The Quarren said. Eyar Nep looked at Lexiconus confused, breathing hard. The miners continued to run into the cave. The members of Scholae Palatinae herded them into the center of the cave, weapons drawn.

“Don’t worry, we will make sure this operation continues without any delays,” Lucyeth said, stepping up behind the Planetary Manager. He squeezed the trigger on his DL-22 and Eyar Nep fell dead. Lexiconus jumped slightly.

“That wasn’t necessary,” The Imperium Quaestor said. Lucyeth poked at the Sullustan’s body with his foot.

“Yes it was.”

SoroSuub Compound

“Sending an all okay message to SoroSuub headquarters now. They shouldn’t provide any issues for us,” Alara Deathbane said, tapping away at a computer terminal. Her sister Shadow tapped away at another computer next her.

“I’ve opened all access points in the facility. I think my first stop will be the showers,” Shadow said. Behind the pair, Blade paced back and forth.

It had gone exactly as planned, and without the loss of life. For that she was grateful. But now she eyed the terminals, mind racing for ways to sabotage the mining efforts.

The Quaestor didn’t get a chance to evaluate her options though. The ground again began to shake.

“What is this?” Blade yelled as she fought to stay on her feet.

“All of our charges went off!” Alara yelled, knuckles white, gripping the edges of the computer terminal. Once again all the screens in the compound issued the warning. The red lights and loud scream of the klaxon rang through the compound. Mune came running into the room.

“We must have triggered something. We need to move. Now.” He yelled, helping Blade to her feet.

Kyber Crystal Cave

The remaining members of Scholae Palatinae came racing into the cavern. Mune and Blade quickly spotted Lexiconus and ran to greet him.

“What was that?” The Quarren questioned as they got within talking distance.

“Systems in the compound indicate our little ruse triggered something real. The compound is going to be lost to us. We need to send word home, now. Before we get trapped down here,” Mune said in between deep breaths.

“Oh we are more than aware,” The Emperor’s voice ran out crystal clear from everywhere, yet nowhere.

Miners and Palatinaeans alike jumped as his calm and soothing voice echoed in the cave. There was a flicker of light, and dozens of holoprojectors, hidden in the cave walls flickered to life. The masked personage of the Emperor loomed large above them all. He clapped and then rubbed his hands together.

“Thank you. Truly, remarkable work here. I had worried those charges wouldn’t be enough to send the rats scurrying to their hole, but here you are. Each and everyone of you.. Palatinaeans here in one place.” The Emperor’s tone at the mention of the clan sent a shiver up the spines of everyone in the cave. It wasn’t just hate, it was disgust.

“This has been a long road. A very long road, and today we reach the journey’s end,” The Emperor continued. He pulled the mask from his face. There were several audible gasps in the cave system. His face was pale, dark lines etching every inch of once regal looking features, cracked and corrupted. His eyes burned red and yellow. He closed his eyes for a moment in focus.

“You must have so many questions,” The Emperor said after a moment. His jaw quivered slightly as if he was under an intense strain.

“I am Darth Fallax, and for years my disciples in the Order of the New Dawn have been working to find me a host worthy of controlling. For centuries I have waited, and now I have full control of the one you knew as your Emperor, Xen’Mordin. It has taken months but now he can control this body no more.” The face of Xen’Mordin smiled.

“Oh he is fighting it. With all of his heart and soul he is trying to stop what is going to happen to you. But the more he fights, the more it hurts, and that pain… It gives me strength.” Fallax continued. His whirling flaming eyes focused out into the darkness of the cave.

“Today, the stain known as Scholae Palatinae comes to an end. Today is the day you die.” Fallax paused, face straining again. The corruption lining his face faded slightly, natural tones coming back through. His eyes snapped open, emerald green and alive.

Everyone in the cave gasped as they watched Xen’Mordin snap into control. He quickly activated several other detonators and the ground again shook. There were several he skipped over however. With a strained pleading expression he spoke.

“Stop… Him…”

With a scream, Xen’Mordin unleashed a fury of force lightning frying the unused charge detonators, rendering them useless. His head slammed down onto something hard, a terminal that was out of sight of the holocamera. When his head appeared back in frame, it once again showed the cracking lines of corruption, nose bleeding profusely. Fallax laughed.

“He does have spirit. I’ll give him that.” Fallax scanned the ruined charges before him before returning his focus to the holocamera.

“He has trapped you in that cave. I was going to give you the mercy of a quick death, but this will do. You are dead all the same. The Empire is mine.”

The hologram snapped off, along with all the lights, leaving everyone in darkness.

The Imperial Palace

“My lord, she is here,” One of the disciples said taking a knee. Darth Fallax smiled. There was only one Palatinaean left to deal with, but she was of use to him still.

“Doctor so nice of you to join us,” He said. Elincia strained and fought against the restraints that had been so suddenly thrown on her.

“Xen… What did you do?” She screamed at Fallax.

“I’m afraid Xen is gone. And anyone who would have been of aid to you is going to be dying slowly in a cave on the far side of the Galaxy. You are the last of your clan, but I have need of you still. To study and understand this,” Fallax said, gesturing to his corrupted face.

“I do plan on having this body for a long, long time. And you are going to help with that, Doctor.”


Operation Starfall Results

Round 1

1st - Bale Andros
2nd - Lexiconus Qor
3rd - Blade Ta’var
4th - Sparky von Wagglehorn III
5th - Delak Krennel

1st - Alara Deathbane
2nd - Lexiconus Qor
3rd - Jorm Na’trej
4th - Blade Ta’var
5th - Kell Dante Palpatine

1st - Delak Krennel
2nd - Blade Ta’var
3rd - Alara Deathbane
4th - Zehsaa Hysh
5th - Lexiconus Qor

Flash Game:
1st - Zehsaa Hysh
2nd - Kyo Akumu
3rd - Shadow Nighthunter
4th - Dek Ironius II
5th - Jorm Na’trej

1st - Lexiconus Qor
2nd - Alara Deathbane

Round 2

Fiction: 1st - Blade Ta’var
2nd - Lexiconus Qor
3rd - Delak Krennel
4th - Lucyeth

1st - Blade Ta’var
2nd - Shadow Nighthunter
3rd - Lexiconus Qor
4th - Alara Deathbane
5th - Lucyeth

1st - Zehsaa Hysh
2nd - Shadow Nighthunter
3rd - Delak Krennel
4th - Alara Deathbane
5th - Blade Ta’var

1st - Blade Ta’var
2nd - Alara Deathbane
3rd - Shadow Nighthunter
4th - Kyo Akumu
5th - Landon Cruise

1st - Jorm Na’trej
2nd - Blade Ta’var

Event Long

1st - Lexiconus Qor
2nd - Blade Ta’var
3rd - Alara Deathbane
4th - Jorm Na’trej
5th - Delak Krennel

1st - Blade Ta’var
2nd - Delak Krennel
3rd - Lexiconus Qor
4th - Landon Cruise
5th - Sparky von Wagglehorn III

Overall Winners

1st - Blade Ta’var
2nd - Lexiconus Qor
3rd - Delak Krennel
4th - Alara Deathbane
5th - Lucyeth

Many congratulations to our winners, and great work CSP! There were some great submissions in this one!


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Clan Story

“Are you crazy!? How are we going to function now?I can’t believe you would do this to us!”

Deep breaths everyone. Let's talk about this and where we are now sitting with the end of Operation: Starfall. This is a point in a storyline that I’ve been laying pieces down for several years now. For those of you confused by the fiction above, here is a tl;dr of our clan plotline for the last few years. :

tl;dr: Darth Fallax is an ancient and powerful Sith Lord., and head of the Order of the New Dawn, a radical cult devoted to restoring his influence in the galaxy. His cultists had been the ones backing Fias Zhan during the entirety of the Looking Home Campaign See the wikipages for a shorter version of these. Fallax’s goal was to take over Zhan’s body once Zhan had completely taken control of the Empire. Zhan was stopped however (great work team!), and Fallax had to take a different approach. While we were dealing with the events of the Forgotten Campaign, Fallax had his people place a holocron on Antenora, which was found by our dear friend Polis Jones at the end of Monstrosity. He gave this holocron to Xen, and based on how recently the holocron was created, Xen foolishly believed it had to have belonged to Palpatine. Xen has slowly been losing control of himself since this time. The events of Subterfuge and Shattered Ties, directly came from this loss of control. Xen’Mordin is now fully possessed by the Spirit of Darth Fallax, but was able to break control long enough to spare your lives, and merely strand you on Aesirus.

tl;dr of the tl:dr: An ancient Sith Lord is possessing Xen’s body and bad stuff is happening to everyone. This has been in the works for several years (both IC and OOC). Fallax is the “big bad” and has been for a while. This is the Order campaign because he is the head of the “Order of the New Dawn”. Yes I’m naming all acts of this campaign vaguely around parts of the day/cycle. #dealwithit

“But why Xen?”

The initial ideas for this storyline came back during the early days of the long haul of the Dark Crusade. It wasn’t something I thought at the time would be feasible, let alone something I would ever be able to get to. That didn’t stop me from wanting to lay down some breadcrumbs along the way to get us here eventually.

So where does this put my character?

Great question! You are at this exact moment, stranded in a cave with your clan members on a planet far far away from home. But guess what? I’m running a competition for you guys getting out of the cave, and smuggling yourself back home to the Cocytus System! Check it out here.

The next act of our storyline will directly deal with the state of the Empire, and your efforts to regain control of the Empire. You’ve been the defending team for a long time here. You’ve now been led on a false campaign to expand your power. And now you are going to be the ragtag team attempting to overcome a vastly stronger force in your home.

Its time for some chaos. Enjoy the ride when this storyline continues in Midnight, a clan event coming soon to an Empire near you.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - Possessions

One of the biggests updates in the club’s history has now officially proceeded into the “open beta” phase. Per report from the Regent, the bulk of the coding, imaging, and data entry has progressed to a point where the system needs to be fully tested. The beta is open to each and everyone one of you.

Disclaimer: Don’t get too attached to the total credits you have, or what you buy for yourself at this point and time. It is more than likely the whole system will be reset at the official launch. They are still tweaking prices and credits earned for everyone. Remember more stuff you do and longer you do them, the more credits you will end up with. So for our newer members, don’t despair, there are going to be plenty of things you can afford and plenty of opportunity to earn many credits.

If you are logged into the site please go check out the multiple stores that have “opened”. They are split mainly into categories for ease of finding things. There is a ship shop, droid shop, weapon shop, etc. Stores do have “stock” of items which means you might see some things come and go, especially depending on the level of rarity each item has. If you are in a store you can check your current total credits on the right of the page, which is handy in checking if you can afford something.

One of the coolest features (in my opinion) is the aspect functionality of each item. Rarer items have more slots, but you can edit descriptions, features, and even rename items to personalize them to you.

There are still a lot of features that will come following the official launch, but to see it at this stage is incredibly exciting! Happy shopping!


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Clan Possessions

Yes Clans get money! And yes Clans buy things! For ages we’ve used a spreadsheet method with points to buy things earned in vendettas and the like. This will be changing with the possessions system. Evant has made available to the clan summits a separate spreadsheet to let us play around with buying our new fleets prior to it going live.

So yes, our military is going to reset. When I say reset, there is a good chance we will fictionally have it go boom as well. We’ve already begun to explore the options of what's available and what we can afford to buy. Regrettably one of those shiny new Resurgent-class Star Destroyers just isn’t in the cards.

That said our fleet will still be awesome, functional, and available for our uses. Once it goes live there will be some further discussion, and depending on how the reset is approached fictionally (I still imagine big boom but I don’t know what Pravus and Wally are cooking up for ours yet), there may be some opportunity for clan input on naming the new fleet. I personally have my fingers crossed for the Vismorsus ;)

I would imagine you guys have better suggestions then that. So we will see where we end up when this officially goes live for us!


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Submission Highlight

Delak’s First Round Submission:


Zehsaa’s Second Round Submission:


Alara’s First Round Poetry Submission


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Ask the Xen!

Lexiconus asks: Do you praise the sun?

  • I’ve never really gotten into the Dark Souls games.

Zehsaa asks: What are Xen's favourite cookies?

  • Chocolate Chip

Lithar asks: What did Xen do to his twin brother (IC)?

  • Stories of Xen’s twin brother are pure propaganda.

Lexiconus asks: Are you going to be a pathfinder in the coming spring?

  • Assuming Bioware doesn’t push it back to Holiday 2017, absolutely.

Lithar asks: What do you think about cloning Xen's body for use in case of emergency?

  • No comment >.>

Jorm asks: what do you think about cloning Xen's body for amusement?

  • No comment ;)

Lexiconus asks: Does Xen have a kickass shuttle like Kylo's?

  • Xen has not yet purchased a ship for himself.

Jorm asks: how much money would Xen theoretically be willing to give each house for their equipment? Upper limit.

  • In theory Xen would love to give all the moneys to his houses to get the bestest and shiniest. But that isn’t how it works.

Kylex asks: do you want ants? Because that is how you get ants

  • We have an exterminator on retainer

Lexiconus asks: Where the eff is Eli!? What's the Proconsul doing? Have you killed him yet?

  • Eli likes hiding in the Forgotten Temple complex. Though if you paid attention in the fiction above that has obviously changed.

Archangel asks: Where should I move next? Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe or East Asia?

  • Ummmmm. Yes, just take me with you.

Alara asks: life is like a box of chocolate. With this metaphor in mind, what kind of chocolate would yours be? White? Dark? Truffle? Fruit flavored?

  • Dark cause I’m just SO edgy. Or Truffle cause its fancy and expensive and Xen thinks so highly of himself.

Delak asks: when are you moving to a different state with better jobs?

  • Same crap jobs everywhere. And I like where I live currently. :P


That’s it for this time Scholae Palatinae! Look for the coming changes to our clan to continue in Act 2 of the Order Campaign: Midnight!

For the Empire!

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Awesome fic and great job to all CSP!

Nice Report. Good Job Everyone!!

Awesome fiction to read and well done to everyone!

Grabs his kyber crystals, then snuggles into his corner of the ice cave.

Nice report Xen :)

Awesome report, Xen!

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