Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #5


Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #5

Consul Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae, we’ve had a lot of big things going on this month. These include a new Proconsul, DJB road map, news on the new order system, and more!


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - The Road to Episode VII

The latest Grand Master Report laid out the clubs over arching timeline from now through the rest of the year. The breakdown for those of you who don’t like timelines is, there is going to be a lot of changes coming to the club.

We are going to see a GJW around the time of the movie release. The road to this point is going to have a bunch of things happening. There is a planned graphics update to the site, the beta release of the possessions system, the release of the fiction society, a revamp of the orders system, and the new CS update, all coming down the tubes. Basically the DC is going to be crazy busy making everything super awesome for the release of the new movie.

On a clan level front, this timeline helps with many things. July is going to continue to be an “off” month, with a heavy focus on house level development and competitions. I am shooting for some Imperium vs Excidium competitions in the second half of the month.

August is going to feature a “meta-game” as Sarin calls it. September - November, we are going to pick back up with acts 2 and 3 of the Forgotten story line. I am also looking into seeing if we can get another clan co-op/feud thing for this time. Get hyped.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - The Gray Ones

Mav’s DGM Report outlined some of the coming order changes we will be seeing in the coming months. There has been several different points of discussion on this so I’m going to recap points here.

The Club is going to see the addition of a gray path in the coming months. Clans will be able to pick different alignments that will form as the foundation of the lore they develop, as well as what new members get sorted into them. The long standing order system is going to be turned into a “traditions” system. They will not impact your CS, but give you an opportunity to flourish your character’s alignment.

Mav’s report does include an ongoing discussion about the different alignments, so go check out what people have been saying (big props to Calindra for being active in the thread) and voice your own thoughts on it there.

Due to the long term effects these path/order changes are going to have on the club, I have put together a short CSP specific questionnaire. It asks where your character sits on the alignment and the alignments you feel most strongly reflect CSP. I have my own thoughts on the breakdown of this, and how CSP will be proceeding with the new systems, but I’m putting this out there for those of you who wish to voice your opinions on it.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - That Misc Stuff

There have been some other bits of information that you should keep on your radar for the future.

Socks, after an amazing 15 months as our Herald, has resigned. Applications for this position are open until July 7th, and should be sent to Sarin, Mav, and Jac. There is also still time to get applications for the PLA RM position to Viv and Teylas by end of day on the 30th.

Related to HRLD work, those of you who are very eager to get your crusade ribbons can fill out a quick form requesting them. Everyone who participated in the Dark Crusade is eligible for ribbons, and you will have yours made down the road. The form is only for those who want to put it on their dossiers right away.

There has been an update to the Character Wiki page template (and as such what you need for approval as a journeyman), with the trivia section being removed. I know from the past several years of interacting with members, this section was one that gave a lot of hangups. That isn’t to say you can’t include it, but those of you working on yours, know it isn’t needed any more.

Wally has released a Combat Master Report outlining some of the coming changes with the CS system, and more ACC venues. He has also asked that members take a quick survey about the Antei Contract Bureau, which is something he has been developing and working on for quite a while now.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - The Proconsul

As announced last night on the clan mailing list, after reviewing the applicants and talking with Sarin/Mav, I have selected Eetherbiail to serve as our new PCON. There are a lot of on going projects to for him to get his arms around, but I know he is very eager and excited.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Feedback

Last report, I asked for some feedback on our Red Fury co-op event with CNS. People seemed to like both gaming and the two option assault fiction the most. The rest of the events were a bit of a mixed bag in terms of enjoyment levels. 2/3s of you were said you were favorable toward the having to include members of CNS in the fictions. That number stays consistent for interest in having more competitions involving members of other clans, and for the more light nature of the setting of the event. Average satisfaction with the event as a whole was 7/10.

Because I know sometimes people are hesitant to speak up for fear of lashback, I have created a generic clan feedback form where you can anonymously complain about this, give suggestions, or just call me a big fat stupid face. You can see it here, as well as a bottom link of all my reports going forward.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - New Paladins

With June over, (and me forgetting earlier in the year) I have two new Dark Paladins to name for Quarters 1 and 2. For generally being kick ass and super dedicated, I name Landon Cruise and Delak Krennel as Dark Paladins.


Okay, I think I’ve tortured you all enough with this report. Don’t forget to check out telegram, and message me to get added to the clan chat group.

As a personal update I’ve been playing a ton of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and like… wow is it amazing.

* Eetherbiail = PCON
* Cruise and Delak = Paladins
* Big DJB Changes coming throughout the rest of the year
* Use the feedback form for when you have anonymous stuff to say to me

For the Empire!

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"Mav’s report does include an ongoing discussion about the different alignments, so go check out what people have been saying (big props to Calindra for being active in the thread) and voice your own thoughts on it there."

Hopefully, I haven't been too annoying, though I must say that the discussions have been interesting, even if not everyone agrees. ^.^;

At least the leadership is encouraging discussions, so if you have one make yourselves heards..!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to mention that I have created a Flash Game competition! Everyone from CSP is invited to participate in..! So, as a member of House Imperium, I'm dropping the gauntlet to see who is the best fighter pilot! :))

Comptition found here:

I appreciate the conversation Calindra, not annoying unless you make it personal - it very well explains exactly why Evant will remain a follower of the Dark side path - but won't kill the bartender for putting ice in his whiskey.

Congrats to the new Dark Paladins of Scholae Palatinae as well, very exciting and very well deserved for the two individuals who earned it.

And congrats to Eether - it's a lot of fun working with Xen and expect you two will do awesome things together for Scholae Palatinae. Just make sure Xen approves any convoluted plots.. ;)

Congrats Eetherbial, and nice report, Xen.

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