Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

Quaestor Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae! As you all should be aware by now (if you aren’t you should probably try checking your email now and again) that the second round of the Looking Home Campaign is running and will be very quickly ending this next week. But between now and then there is plenty of time for me to annoy you all with another Quaestor Report!


Intel: Brotherhood Wide

Our lovely (now former) Headmaster Solari has resigned from his position overseeing the Shadow Academy to take over the role of Tribune:Recruitment for the club. Some of you may have noticed the on going push for greater twitter/facebook/hashtags/smokesignal awareness for the club. Obviously we want to capitalize on the love of Star Wars so many people share so the more we can put things out there, the stronger the club will be in the long run. The new Headmaster hasn’t been announced yet, as I’m sure Muz and Raken are still combing through the applications they received.

Raken reported earlier in the month that there was going to be some updates to the prestige system. This update included tweaking formulas for award prestige, an increased prestige from promotions and time in a position adding to the prestige count. This update went live around mid month so many of you, especially the older member probably noticed a change in prestige score.

Valhavoc has announced a trial run of the free game Star Conflict as a potential new platform for DJB Gaming. He wrote up a rather detailed report about it. Based on the interest/participation of people in this, it might be officially adopted as a new gaming platform. During this trial run it WILL be awarding Clusters of Fire so if you are looking at getting some of them this is a good way to earn some without dropping cash on a new game. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but I know it is supported for both PC and Mac.

The ACC Fading Light Tournament is coming so if you want to be able to participate in it you HAVE to get qualified for the ACC. This involves having an approved CS and passing the two related SA exams.

Also as a final bit of news, LucasArts has officially announced that pretty much everything from the Expanded Universe is moving into a “Legend” category and that going forward a “new” Expanded Universe Canon will be developed. At the moment this only includes the currently released six movies, and the clone wars animated series. The new movies will focus on new stories not seen in the EU. The new movies, Rebels series and everything ranging from books to video games are going to be vetted by an EU oversight group to establish the new canon. I don’t think many of us were surprised by this move, but it is good that they finally announced this is going to be the case.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Looking Home Campaign

Because I obviously haven’t bugged you all about this enough yet, the Looking Home Campaign - Antenora event ends on the 30th. There are two run-on teams working hard at their different objectives AND a massive amount of other individual based competitions to participate in. Break down of the events (again) are below. Don’t forget participating in competitions and placing all earns points that goes toward the overall competition award. First place submissions also have the added bonus of going in as the canon result/information about what happened in this event.

Rhetoric of Glyph Priests is a poetry competition. Fourth level crescents will be awarded to the best submissions of the flowery and rhythmic rhetoric the Glyph Priests used to bring the people of Antenora to their side in this rebellion.

Priority: Propoganda is a fiction competition. Third level crescents will be awarded for the best stories of how you went about swaying the people of the Cocytus System into thinking that the Empire are the good guys in this rebellion. We can’t afford having sympathizers with the rebels.

Illustrations of the High Glyph Priest is a graphics competition. Fourth level crescents will go to the best depictions of the mad illustrations that the High Glyph Priest scribbled over every surface of his chambers prior to escape.

Defend the Base is a flash game competition. Fourth level crescents will be awarded to people who get the highest level on the first level of Bloons Defense 4 on the medium difficulty. This game is quite fun so don’t be surprised if you end up playing a lot longer than you thought you would.

Defense against a Rebellion is our battleplan-light competition. Battleplans have shown up in a lot of vendettas. Instead of a full one, this one will award third level crescents to the best plans of just the execution section of the plan. Battleplans are not like general fictions but are technical explanations of how you would use our units to achieve a goal (in this case defending against incoming rebel fighters). Also unlike battleplans seen in vendettas, this one is an individual based event, not a group one. If you have any questions about how these work don’t hesitate to ask. I have several examples I can show you.

Antenoran Trivia is the trivia event. Legions of the Scholar go to the two winners of this trivia event. Submissions are timed starting as soon as you hit subscribe to the event. 20 questions coming from both the Antenora wiki page and the previously released opening fiction of this round of the campaign.


Thats really it for this report. In some personal news, I just started a new job (Yay). This means I’m not able to be on IRC until the late afternoon/evenings (Boo). I hope you all are really enjoying this round of the Campaign and that all of you get a chance to get some submissions in before this ends on the 30th. As always my door is always open (even if it might take me a few hours to respond) so don’t hesitate to come to me if you have questions and concerns. Until Next time!

For the Empire!
Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

woo new job!

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