Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

Quaestor Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae! The end of August is upon us. I know a lot of you are getting back into the swing of school season, but I hope you all still find time to come and find some enjoyment as Dark Jedi in this awesome Empire! We still have a lot of fun things in the pipes to come at you, the last third of the year is going to have some awesome moments.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide

As most of you should be aware, the ACC Fading Light Tournament has been on going. The latest round has finished and we are to the final four! As always I highly recommend checking out some of the the recent battles, as they are all extremely well written. I’m going to continue my ACC plugging, so just get use to it. It is an extremely fun avenue of activity in the club and I can’t suggest it enough for anyone interested in writing here in the DJB.

When the ACC Tournament ends, we will then have the final round of the Fading Light segment of the Dark Crusade. From there some time this Fall/Winter we will get to have a Great Jedi War, which if you’ve never been around for is a huge vendetta with tons of opportunities to try to take gold. I’m certainly pumped to see Korriban and whatever the DC has planned for us there in the GJW.

Now many of you have been kicking the pants off taking Shadow Academy Courses. Earlier in the month, there were several changes to the SA course load. For starters, the History Department was completely re-written, and a further two totally new courses were added. To go along with this new department, there were several changes to earning some of the related SA Degrees. For an up-to-date list of those requirements you can always check out the wiki page for the degrees. The SA is going to continue auditing, updating, and adding courses so expect to keep hearing news about whats going on there.

There is also news from the MAA, with two especially important things for you members to be aware of. First is that the time frame on the automated AWOL check system and its warning emails has been upped. Now, upon receiving an AWOL warning email, you have 14 days (two weeks) to log on to the site before getting sent to the rogues. This is a nice little addition to the buffer period before going to the rogues, as life can get a bit busy. But it is also something I hope doesn’t have to apply to most of you, as you all should be so enthralled with the awesome stuff going on that you check the DJB site regularly. :D

The second piece of important news relates to competition judgement. I know a lot of you have tons of ideas for competitions and like running them on both a House and DJB wide level. There is a new policy that you have 30 days from the close of a competition to grade it, judge it and close it with people getting their medals. At 30 days you will get an email, and after a further 14 days, the MAA office itself will judge and close the competition. This isn’t something I see being a big issue for people here, as everyone I’ve seen run and judge competitions as been doing a fantastic job of getting them judged very quickly. So keep up being awesome when you run a competition and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Also finally, I want to give a brief shout out to Arcona Consul, Wally, who was recently promoted to the Elder Ranks. Wally has been a great support to myself and someone I very much enjoy working with. Congratulations Wally!


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Coming Soon to a Empire Near You

I have been working on getting the finale of the Looking Home Campaign to its most epic possible level. At the moment, with a remaining Fading Light Round, it probably will be pushed until this winter, but I assure you I’ve got a lot of exciting build up (at least I am finding it exciting) and opportunities to save our System from the fearsome Imperial Guard Fias Zhan. Expect a great deal of you lot being major heroes for the House. Just because we are the totally awesome Dark Jedi, doesn’t mean we don’t have some thrilling heroics and a chance for great glory!

As I continue to work on getting the LHC - Judecca into tip top shape, Evant is quickly putting together a fun little event that is going to pit our three battle teams against each other. The premise is, well, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is awesome and based on a recurring conversation Evant and I have had. Its going to be a different situation that is for sure. And at the end, one battle team will stand above the rest. Consider it some mini practice for the competitive nature of the vendettas. Expect this to hit hopefully sometime in the next week and have it run several weeks into September.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Congratulations

Earlier in the month we had a mess of awards go out for participating in the LHC, and just being totally awesome members. While these were announce to the house in emails after happening, there are two awards I want to repeat the congratulations on.

Firstly, Kell Dante Palpatine, aka the old man of Scholae Palatinae, was awarded a Sapphire Blade! Sacramental Awards are still pretty rare occurrences, and Dante earned his by the sweat of his brow. Awarded for both his excellent dedication as a BTL and his amazing activity as a member of the house, this was a small way for us to say thanks for his continued efforts.

Secondly, Koryn Thraagus, our amazing and responsive Rollmaster, was promoted to the Equite 2 rank of Krath Archpriest. This was a long time coming and more than earned by Koryn. He is a long standing and levelheaded member of the HSP Summit, and I know we couldn’t keep it together without him around.

There was also a great deal of other awards passed out at the beginning of the month, so great work to everyone who got awarded. You guys make running this House so awesome, so I hope you enjoy the awards. Great work all around guys!


Intel: The Imperial News Net - These are the activities you are looking for...

As always, there are a great many things you can participate in around the club. The Shadow Academy has a ton of available courses. There is a currently running fun house run-on that involves us going to Nar Shaddaa and attempting to steal weapons from the gangs you all should check out, it has been highly amusing to work on. And as always there is a great deal of competitions available. Here is a break down of some of the currently running competitions.

Monthly Mobile Gaming: Every month the FIST Office runs a mobile gaming competition. This one is for Apple users playing a game called No One Dies Today. Playing it will earn you 5 Clusters of Fire, and winning will earn you some 3rd level crescents.

Desires: Is being run by Xantros as an official VOICE Sponsored competition. This one involves what your character desires and how your character acts on fulfilling those desires.

The Prank Master: This is a second Xantros run, VOICE competition. In this instance, it is the clubs “April Fool’s Day” equivalent and you need to write up a good prank for getting a fellow member of the club.

Old Faces, New People: Is a third Xantros competition, but only on the house level. Here you meet someone from your past who is totally different from how you remember them.

Poetry Night at Big Daddy’s: This is a poetry competition from Dante. This is a good way to get some poetry practice, as Dante is the closest thing we have to an expert on the subject matter in the house.

A Curious and Hungry Emperor Needs Your Help: This is a flash game from Evant, pulling from my recent real life illness issues. I need emergency medical attention, and because we obviously don’t have real doctors, you need to operate to save my life. Also apparently I am in this instance called Kevin. It is a code name. And I look to be about 10 years old. It is all part of the experience.


That is it for this report. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and is excited for all the awesome stuff coming your way.

For the Empire!
Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

Ty Xen :)

Also, woo, HSP FTE (For The Empire)

Solid report!

Yay! I'm excited for all Xen's awesome stuff.

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