Scholae Palatinae - Special Report: Housing Announcement


Scholae Palatinae - Special Report: Housing Announcement

Consul Report

Hello Brotherhood,

As a continuation of the open communication between units, I'm here to make a public announcement regarding the new setup within Clan Scholae Palatinae. We are all for transparency and I know I really enjoy seeing what other units are doing. So feel free to skip if you don't care. :P

Last night we were given the green light on our clan's housing plan. A lot of you may remember the old days of Scholae Palatinae with the units of Acclivis Draco, Dorimad Sol, and Caliburnus. We felt given the continued fictional development of Scholae Palatinae, and with a new set of opportunities as a Clan, that we would continue to use them as our house names.

I'm here to proudly announce the creation of House Imperium, and House Excidium. These units will be headed by Dante and Koryn, respectively. For those of you paying attention this means that both the Clan Rollmaster, and 2 Aedile positions are open. At this time we are sticking with internal applicants only, as I know from past email threads on our mailing list that like half the clan is interested in doing stuff.

House Imperium, or roughly "Power to Command" is the root of our word for Empire. It also happens to be one of the names for the Galactic Empire, which we found to be a fitting homage given our Clan's lore.

House Excidium, or roughly "destruction (especially military)", has been pulled from our long standing Flag ship, the NSD Excidium II. Long has both the original Excidium, and its successor been used in defense of Scholae Palatinae, now it stands as a tribute to all those who have sacrificed on behalf of the Empire. Our flagship is to be rechristened the NSD Dark Paladin.

A great deal of discussion went into both these units, as well as our final House creation proposal. You can read the full proposal here.

Evant also wrote a rather awesome fiction (with a few scenes done by me) to tie together Scholae Palatinae coming home from the war, being reclanned, and the announcement of these two new houses. For those of you who enjoy some fiction you can read it all here.

Finally in the full announcement we made, I created a brief talking points memo. Given that we weren't able to create a clanning proposal, I still wanted to be able to give a quick over view of what was going on with us as a clan. You can read it here.

It has been a very exciting and busy week, and we couldn't be more pumped to continue to push Scholae Palatinae into the future, along side all the other Brotherhood units.

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus Consul of Scholae Palatinae

Cool! That's exciting, new Houses!

Quite tempted to transfer house for this application!


For the Empire!

Scholae. <3

Thanks for sharing all the documents Xen and giving everyone, especially the younger leaders of a club, a peek behind the curtain and some fine examples of proposals.

Congratulations on both clanning and your new houses! Big developments!

I'm kinda pissed off that Xen is smarter than I ever was! Now where the did I leave my f**kin' shoes? I bet that nurse stole them!!! #RetirementCommunity

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