Secrets For The Taking


Secrets For The Taking

On Board the Vitae Floating Fortress Grey Wolf Base.

Caesar looked across the bridge of the Fortress as it floated across the Planet’s Ocean, somewhere off the Map he spoke from his chair, at ease and looking relaxed.

The Fortress newly made was just 2 month’s old, and everything looked and smelled the part, the crew had new uniforms and were familiar faces to the Battle Team Leader. Lev OX James Weapons Expert Black Hawk Landing Party on board weapons expert and Pilot.

Caesar said to Black Hawk “Easy does Black Hawk we don’t want to go back to repairs just yet”.

Black Hawk replied “Yes Sir”.

Then the Battle Team Leader, looked at his second in Command Lev.

Lev looked a little out of sort’s, and Caesar noticed this as he looked at Lev the Leader twisted his chair and turned his body toward Lev, and said quietly.

“Are you ok Bud?”

Lev looked at Caesar, and said “Yes Sir, I am worried that this mission could go badly, doing a dawn raid on the House Mortis and Castle Tarentum, we could get kicked out from the Clan for causing an up raising.

The BT saw his concern so he waved his right hand and looked away from the second in command. “Don’t you think we are on the outside already, House Mortis within Castle Tarentum are after us for stealing The Huntsman so what difference does this make doing a dawn raid hacking data pads and Pc’s and hacking droids and messing with cracking safes in the Castle, is just what the doctor ordered for us Grey’s”. Lev give the Leader a smile and looked away to his data pad and seeing the details of the mission in front of him, everything looked ok Lev thought. “Right if everyone is not busy, I would like to go over this mission, we are going to do a dawn raid on castle Tarentum, to find out where the Clan Summit is, if we can find the documents we will be the winners here”. “I want to say from the outset we are going to do this and when we do we need to strike at the heart of the Tarentum and we are going to get their secrets and we will get to the Clan Summit if we can”.

NEWS As we can see here I have written a Plot line for a run on with House Mortis this will hopefully begin after the March Events. We are not a House so since then we are working hard on the bits and bobs to get this right and once we have done this start again and re-enter our proposal for a House Vitae. We all Greys have worked hard since we have found out we are not a House to get our numbers up on comps and I am thankful for all your help to get there.

There are other things in the pipe which I will let Lev tell you about.


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