Seneschal Report - September 2017


Seneschal Report - September 2017

In which James talks about recent changes to the site, once again copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon.

Hi all,
Time for another report from your friendly neighborhood Seneschal with the latest site-related facts and tidbits.

Deployed Code Changes

Below is a list of most of the code check-ins done to the site since my last report. This is a non-exhaustive, automatically generated list, and does not contain code changes that have not yet been deployed to the main website, nor does it list code changes that are outside the scope of the main website.

Here are some highlights:

  1. Tweaks to inventory/possessions management, most notably the introduction of Container Items that can be used to group items together. A Cold Storage Container item was also added. Items stored in Cold Storage will not be shown on your public Possessions dossier or unit tab.
  3. Updates to Regent Possessions admin tools; Introduction of the NPC Armory entity whose possessions can be equipped by Clan and Plot NPCs
  4. Character Sheet Quality of Life changes (auto-aging, improved skill tier tooltips)
  6. Lots of minor changes and bugfixes
  7. Did I mention [REDACTED]?
James Entar:
      Add 'Rugged' options to allowed warbanner shapes
      Competition Supervisors (Co-organizer permissions without getting credit(s) for it. Contact MAA to set this up for a competition.)
      Potential fix for timezone edge-case
      ACC extensions overview on battles
      Fix auto word count not triggering for people without any loadouts defined
      Update chat links
      Just to be sure, add an additional guard clause to prevent issuing open challenges for ended competitions
      Update kallisto rules
      Update P:MAA permissions
      Force recalculating gaming scores prior to closing Gaming Competitions
      Add weapon spec warning to CS
      Update cluster processed notification
      Minor fixes
      Some adjustments to word counting algorithm
      'Skip last opponent' config option for ACC open challenge competitions
      Allow Regent to administer DC possessions
      Allow Regent staff to purge store inventories
      NPC Armory
      Inventory Tweaks
      Misc fixes
      Regent tool tweaks
      Hotfix: link to item path from public inventory rather than item management path
      [REDACTED] tweaks
      Show all [REDACTED] on [REDACTED], not just active ones
      Allow managing [REDACTED] for inactive [REDACTED]
      Send out notification e-mails on gaming activity comments
      Allow Regent staff to manage NPC armory inventory
      Hide non-DC e-mail addresses to members not in a unit
      Fix 500 error when trying to comment on an unsubmitted gaming match
      Fix ACC Hall API throwing 500 error when encountering deleted dossiers
      Minor bugfix for a bug that occurred when trying to edit a very old news post originally posted by a deleted dossier
      Fix space in member email link
      Minor bugfixes; show item worth on account overview
      Rogues activity overview for DC members
      Minor bugfix for rogues overview
      Display Skill/FP tier on CS using popover
      Add some table indices to speed up Herald backend tools
      Fix lists inside competition prompts being treated as 'lists inside lists' by the CSS
      Fix dossier infinite loading bug
      Make unit and [REDACTED] pages a bit more mobile friendly
      Fix Win/Loss overview breaking on deleted dossiers
      Add link to Report Writing Guide to News Management
      Allow Voice to manage Dark Council NPC Roster
      Breakdown several stats detail pages in all ranks vs JM and up
      Calculate current character age on CS based on approval date and age at approval date

On the Horizon

This section provides some sneak previews of upcoming site changes and the larger things on the Seneschal Office's todo-list in various stages of completion, in no particular order.

  1. SA Revamp
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ (On hold pending some GFX items from the Herald)
    *An effort by the SA staff to streamline the organization of the Shadow Academy and make it easier to get to and find information, and to create a more focused new member experience. *
    This is done on the coding side. The only thing left to roll out is a revamp of the SA landing page that will replace the current "Message from the Headmaster". This new landing page will feature some GFX that's currently being worked on by Vyr and his staff.

  2. Skins
    Status: ▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ (On hold until after GJW)
    Integration of Possessions Items with Dossier Graphics.
    Coding has not yet been started, but Vyr and I have brainstormed a lot on how this is going to work. I'm probably picking this up after the GJW.

  3. Possessions: Item Upgrades
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯ (On hold pending content)
    A proposal to implement Upgrades, which basically can be described as pre-written aspects provided by the Regent Staff (members can't submit custom versions), that don't necessarily need to have a downside like regular Item Aspects.
    This is currently on hold at Evant's request until the Regent staff has enough decent content to drop into this feature. Once this is the case, this should be fairly easy to implement as we can leverage the existing Item Aspect infrastructure.

  4. Graphics Society
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯ (On hold pending Society Development)
    A new Society to provide our artistically capable members with a new outlet of creativity and activity.
    This is currently on hold until the final details, point values and rewards for the society have been worked out. Once this is done, translating everything into Promotheus rules should be fairly easy.

  5. Recruitment Incentive System
    Status: ▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ (Brainstorming)
    Additional incentives to recruit your friends to the Brotherhood
    This is currently in the brainstorming phase. See the latest GM report for more information.

  6. Random Bug fixes and Things That Come Up™
    A wild Dark Council member appeared. It uses Feature Request!

  7. The big "When we get to it" list
    Random small or less small things the Seneschal office tackles when they have spare time. Feel free to mail/message me with any suggestions for this list.

    • Re-work character sheet states to bring them in line with competitions (so withdrawing a sheet doesn't render it unavailable anymore)
    • Look into ways of letting people know their CS metadata (name, unit, saber) is out of date before taking snapshots or issuing an ACC challenge
    • Ability to restrict an ACC venue to a specific Hall or set of halls
    • Blind competition grading feature


As always, we've seen lots of fixes and additions being applied to the site, and even more interesting things to come. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me, Telegram me, or throw in a comment.

James L. Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood


PRAISE [REDACTED]. And James. Best James.

Thank you James for making us cool things that members don't always realize are needed to keep us admins sane. <3

I gotta say, this report is absolutely [REDACTED].

James, you're awesome. Thank you.

What would we do without you, James? Thanks for everything!


Sweet [REDACTED] [REDACTED] of Arx, I love this report. Much appreciation, James!

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