Shadow Academy Supplemental #1 - New M:HM


Shadow Academy Supplemental #1 - New M:HM

Good day, one and all.

Just a short announcement today. Following the brief application period for M:HM to replace the awesome Celevon, the boss has chosen from our qualified applicants. Everyone, please give a warm welcome and many congratulations to Kelly Mendes, and thank you to all those who applied. An experienced PROF and a veteran club member, Kelly is certainly going to make a fantastic impact on the SA Team.

With that being said, a new PROF must be chosen to fill Kelly's former position in the Leadership department. This will occur at a later time, and will be left open for now.

There's lots to do and more to come. Keep your eyes peeled for further Shadow Academy updates and news, and that Great Lighty- Jedi War or whatever. :)

Laren Uscot P:HM

Congrats Kelly

Epic! Thanks for your help Celevon! And good luck Kelly! You'll be great.

OMG you totally just called me old Laren, that hurts my fee fees.

Congratulations, Kelly!

Most excellent, Kelley. We are forming and all star team between our Professors and the rest of our crew! ^^

Congrats! :D

Fantastic news; congratulations Kelly!

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