Shadow Gate Report #7


Shadow Gate Report #7

I Like Big Boats.

“Mmmmmmkkksssss!!! I’m so happy for you!” the ecstatic Twi’lek leapt off her desk and threw her arms around the Miraluka’s neck, the momentum causing the two them to cantilever for a moment before colliding with the floor.

Mks Ehn lay there stunned and fairly uncomfortable, although he was not altogether upset by this reaction.

“What are you gonna call your ship! OOH!” K’tana shrieked as she lept to her feet, leaving Mks on the floor as she bounded back to her desk, “YOU SHOULD CALL IT BLIND MAN’S BUTT! Or, it boat? Bluff? Buff?...hmm.”

Mks aimed his ocular implants in the Gatewarden’s direction, a silly smile on his face as he watched her ponder.

“Whose butt?” he asked when she shook her head, interrupting her near loss of interest in the subject.

“Well, yours. Duh. You’re the Blind Man.”

“That’s okay, I think I’ll pass. Things are going to be a little... different with me.”

“Oh,” K’tana’s face grew sad, “I was hoping you’d take Liera on your space boat one day. Ya’know. Have her hangout on your shoulder and badmouth your crew.”

“...Wait,” Mks cocked his head and studied the far-away look in K’tana’s face and held up his hand, “you’re not thinking that the ships were...ships, like in the ocean? K’tana, they aren’t literal pirate boats.”

“They’re not?!”

“They space.”

K’tana stared vacantly at the Sorcerer, her green eyes glazing over in disappointment. He suddenly burst out laughing and the Twi’lek stuck her tongue out.

“Hey! Don’t blame me for dreaming! It was a totally cool idea.”

“It’s not-” The door suddenly opening cut Mks off and both turned to see Strategos waltz into the office like he owned it. In fact, the way he wandered in with such nonchalance, one would have though he mistakenly stumbled into the wrong room.

K’tana, however, knew better. A warm honey liquid swirled around a glass in one hand while the other held a smoking cigara and his dark eyes betrayed a purpose for his visit.

“Strat, you frang stop smoking in my office. Or I’ll throw you out of the fake window.”

“Oh please, you can’t do that.”

“Can’t, or won’t?” she raised a brow, taking the challenge and feeling her her skin prickle with the temptation to shock the look he gave her from his face.

“Either.” The Entar’s smug smirk, although somewhat snarky, was a calming sight to the Twi’lek. Still, she sneered back and tried to keep herself reaching over and giving him a quick zap.

“I’m glad to see that icicle up your arse has yet to reach the back of your-”


“Maxi,” Strat stared at his former apprentice with no more distaste in his eyes than he gave everything else, but K’tana continued for him anyway.

“You don’t say cough when you fake a cough.” She laughed as she turned back toward the Miraluka.

Strat was shaking his head and Mks just shrugged it off with a smile.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Entar, did you need something?” K’tana said, looping her arm around Mks’ bicep, her green gaze intent on the Elder in the room.

“I came to tell you that I will be going to Tyrant Sword.”

“Riiight, Goddess forbid the Entars keep their dirty fingers out of something.”

“Hey, not only are my fingers quite clean, but they are far less strained than-”

“Oookay!” Mks cut in abruptly. “K’tana, I was glad to know you were back on Ol’val. I’ll come visit when we’re next on leave.”

The Twi’lek’s face suddenly dropped into a pout, at which Strategos rolled his eyes and waved over his shoulder as he stalked out like a bored manka-cat.

“Good luck, darling. If Snarky McFrangface get’s too much out of hand with his...whatever he does,” K’tana paused and burst into giggles, “I dunno, I’ll sick his brother on him.”

It was Mks’ turn to laugh, “How far do you think you’ll get with that?”

K’tana just grinned and ushered him to the door, as much as she wished he could stay, there were other things that had to be done. She felt something unfamiliar to her. Something that made her heart feel light and yet a sensation squeezed her chest.

“Mks Ehn, it was my honor to have you on Shadow Gate. May the Goddess hold you ever in her palm.” she clasped her fist and brought it to her heart, “Good luck with the space whales.”

With a shake of his head and a grin, Mks saluted back and left the Gatewarden’s office. As the door closed, K’tana dropped her grin and looked at the floor. She took a deep breath and moved back toward her desk. Her violet fingers paused above the datapad as she sat down, a thoughtful look passing over her face before she began to write.

-> Imgur <- Waves frantically! HAI GYEEEESSS!!!


Katicorn’s Korner

Back in Action


First off!

Darling, Maxi, I am so happy for you! I know that you’re going to rock this. Shadow Gate, go be ninjas and sneak people into his Battleteam like stowaways! Err, also...don’t get caught. Anyway! Grats to Maxi and Zakath for taking over Tyrant Sword! Go tyrannosaurus-rek it with your badassery!

Beloved battleteam! Oh hai! Introvert batteries recharged and I’m ready to get back into the sway of things. We’re going to ignore the fact that anything happened what-so-ever and just go with my abilities as an office ninja.


IOW: I feel better and I have a couple ideas >:D So, I will be in touch again...verrrry soon…(As if I won’t blab about it on TG ;p)


Shadow Gate News

Wallaby was stellar in taking over for me while I recharged and dealt with some things. Because he’s a baws. All the pats and cookies to him for understanding when I needed a break away. Thank you. :3

Maxi and Guido are leaving Shadow Gate to be epic as Tyrant Sword. You guys have NOOOO idea how excited I am to be rid of an Elder...Like:


Obviously I’m joking. Mostly because there are no bracelets involved. I’m equal parts proud, happy and sad to see them go. BUT! It’s not as if Guido won’t randomly insult me or that Maxi and I will never hangout again (because, we’d better). But this means…

Go start stealing people from other placesDooon’t steal from other groups. Just, dunno. Go pester your friends or something. We have spaces to feel you [redacted expletives]. <3

Speaking of redacted expletives! Our very own Timeros Entar is competing in the ACC Tourney-Thing-a-mah-bob! #InTimWeTrust to rule over his opponents and once again give Arcona a reason to be the arrogant, cocky jerks we all feel entitled to be. :P

Oh, and Vic, we look forward to seeing you in the finals >:D (Abbey, we should have a cheer-off! Bring it On Style!)


Lastly, we have a Trophy system thing. It’s like an Xbox Achievement...or something. So...I have no opinion on it. I’m sure you’ve seen it, if not click the link and read up for yourselves.

I’m an achievement whore. I can’t get them all. It’s literally I will be over here reading. Also, Wally helped write a bunch of the names. You can probably tell which ones are his -.- And he should get more cookies for this.




Shiny Stickers!

Marick Arconae

  • 2 Crescents with Sapphire Star
  • 1 Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 26 Clusters of Earth
  • 8 Clusters of Ice
  • 7 Clusters of Fire


  • 4 Crescents with Amethyst Star
  • 2 Crescents with Ruby Star
  • 9 Clusters of Ice


  • 8 Clusters of Earth


  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 2 Crescents with Amethyst Star
  • 14 Clusters of Ice


& other things I’m totes doing...

For more comps from all over the DB Clicky-Clicky


In Closing

We’re rapidly moving into December and I’m looking forward to the next month. I hope you’re all ready to have an epic xmas. I’m not tl;dr’ing you cuz I really didn’t go off too many hinges…


Now go read things and do stuff...And remember, if you’re ever bored...You could always do an SA exam….


Okai, bai fthwall


FIRST! Yeah, just had to!

DANGIT wolf. also welcome back kat

I'm bookmarking this for when I'm low. :D <3 #sadbuttrue

This is the first time I'm not First. I blame work. Touche, Lonewolf. Touche.

Also, this is definitely a cheertatorship.

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