Shadow Guard Report #2 - New Alliances


Shadow Guard Report #2 - New Alliances


Greetings everyone and welcome to the last report of 2015. Today brings some good news for our Battle Team. The day I have long awaited is finally here. We have some Battle Team action about to go live on January 1st. We have a new Alliance.


That's right we have finished up Monstrosity..... or have we? In new Alliances we have been tasked with cleaning up the remaining undead that are all over Ohmen. Here is an excerpt.

The Cocytus System is in chaos over the outbreak of a disease that turns its citizens into undead monsters. The forces of Scholae Palatinae have been able to wipe out the enemy forces who tried to resurrect their “Old Gods”. They were unable to wipe out the forces before they were able to infect the populace of Judecca, the main planet in CSP’s system. The Capital City of Ohmen was hit the hardest by this outbreak. Shadow Guard was tasked with clearing out the undead beings throughout the Capital. All other forces were busy evacuating the remaining citizens of the city so that the disease would not spread any further and to allow the forces of Shadow Guard to take back the city. Knowing that Shadow Guard would have a tough time by themselves, the Emperor Xen’Mordin Vismorsus-Palpatine, had called in for aid. The only team close enough to assist them was Battle Team Greywolf from Tarentum. This team is led by a Gray Jedi named Caesar. His group was passing by Cocytus on their way home from training missions nearby.

So with that being said. Courtesy of Chrome, our new Alliance Banner.


Anytime we have communications about Alliance business you will see this banner. Gotta love it.

Hopefully this will be a fun event for all of you and that it will lead to future event and awards for participants. The competition starts January 1st and can be found here.



2520 Battlemaster Wraith
13927 Commander Fenn
14057 Warrior Anahorn Dempsey
13944 Warrior Delak Krennel
14058 Warrior Aule Jr.
14059 Privateer Chrome
13999 Knight upsidexumop
14044 Knight Sim Vel'Potens
13231 Knight Casper Vrikaurvan
14274 Knight Kyo Akumu
14167 Captain Sparky von Wagglehorn III


Battle Team Leader's Corner:

Guys it's been a few months and I know a lot of you have been busy at work and with real life during this holiday season. I hope you all have had a chance to have fun with family and to see Star Wars The Force Awakens... If you havent. GET TO IT! Sorry I had to. Let's try to come out on top of this competition guys. Show the DJB what you have.

Warrior Delak Krennel (Sith) / BTL / Battle Team Shadow Guard of House Imperium of Clan Scholae Palatinae [SA: III] [GMRG: X] [ACC: Q] [INQ: VII] SC / AC / DCx4 / Cr:1D-7R-9A-8S-10E-3T / PoBx13 / CFx1808 / CIx28 / CEx1870 / SIx3 / SotM / LS / SoL / S:3Cr / LoR {SA: DPE - DPV}

Schweet report, duuude!

I am so jealous I cannot kick some zombie butt with you guys!

Hehe you kidding. I can't participate either! /me has to sit in the back and order people around.

The sanctity of Ohmen has been fouled. We will not rest until each and every walking cadaver and their heinous plague upon the populace has been eradicated.

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