Shadow Guard Report #6


Shadow Guard Report #6


Greetings Shadow Guard, We have come into another month as another month ends. We are in a lull at this point until I get something else worked up. I have some ideas for competitions but I have to get the details worked out. Be on the lookout for them. We have sad news this report. Cyris has stepped down as our Pecan Pie Boss and Zagro Fenn has left our ranks to explore his character differently. Currently the position of Battle Team Sergeant is vacant and it will remain that way for the time being. Eli has taken over Cyris job as Pecan Pie Boss and much pie is needed. The rollmaster position is therefore open for applications with them closing soon. If you are interested get an email to Xen and Eli. Lots of Awards and promotions and in the future I will be keeping better track of them to put them into the reports.



There are tons of current competitions running besides the ones that I am going to come up with. Let’s wet our teeth everyone.


Roster • Motto: We Strike from the Darkness • Website: Battle Team Shadow Guard Website • Description: Primary Protection for House Summit Leadership and Stealth Infiltration Unit • Subunit Of: House Imperium of Clan Scholae Palatinae • Members: 7 • Battleteam Leader Battlemaster Delak Krennel • Battleteam Sergeant TBA 13944 Battlemaster Delak Krennel [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

13876 Savant Landon Cruise [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

3607 Savant Mune Cinteroph [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

14167 Mystic Sparky von Wagglehorn III [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

14274 Knight Kyo Akumu [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

14044 Knight Sim Vel'Potens [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

13833 Hunter Arthadonis Kalderis [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


Battle Team Leader's Corner: Another good month guys let’s keep up the activity and increase it if we can. I am going to be talking with our Alliance buddies in Greywolf to work on part two of our alliance storyline. Keep a weathered eye on the horizon. For the Empire!

Battlemaster Delak Krennel (Sith) / BTL / Battle Team Shadow Guard of House Imperium of Clan Scholae Palatinae [SA: III] [GMRG: X] [ACC: Q] [INQ: VIII] SCx2 / AC / DCx4 / Cr:3D-14R-13A-14S-16E-3T / PoBx13 / CFx2506 / CIx46 / CEx2001 / CGx9 / SIx3 / SotM / LSx2 / SoLx2 / S:3Cr / LoR {SA: DPE - DPV}

Looks like I'm your only comment. This is one of the best style and graphic friendly reports I've seen from a BTL. Good stuff Delak. Know I enjoy your reports even if I take forever to comment on them.

No one likes me i guess everyone elses reports get something. good thing im not petty about reports huh,

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