Shadow's Bane report #1 A strange yet fun position with a war coming up.


Shadow's Bane report #1 A strange yet fun position with a war coming up.


Hello everyone to my first report as Battleteam leader of Shadow's Bane!

This position couldn't have been filled at a better time now thanks to the vendetta that is at our heels. I'm thrilled and honored to have been chosen for this position and plan to make the most out of it!

News about a vendetta you say?

With the Great Jedi war coming up Summit members (Mostly Shirai) have been planning teams out and discussing possible strategies in email threads. If you haven't joined a team go email him and say which team you want to be on.

As for the war itself you can find the prologue and affiliations here where everything is talked about and the events that lead up to the War.

In the last vendetta we were shy by fractions of a point to placing. It would make everyone in the clan happy if we placed and we can't place if we don't participate as a whole unit! This is a very fun and interesting vendetta that's about to come up that can go anybody's way. Participation will be big factor in this one, and you could potentially earn a shiny! :)

Let's kick some butt guys!

Level ups and new shinys

So far I haven't gotten any reports or news of shinys or promotions so far, but after this vendetta expect there to be a pretty filled up list.

Comps other than the vendetta knocking at our door

Yes that's right vendettas don't stop others from making and listing competitions in the DJB. If you want to warm yourself up before this vendetta or have some free time after you've joined a team, head on over to the competitions page to see the vast collection of shiny's you can take home with you before or during the vendetta.

Declanning issue

You thought this topic would go away, but with CNS under the 40 member mark (we're at 39 right now thanks to Cypher joining our ranks) we have the possibility of getting declanned. We'll see if that comes reality or not, and not only do I say this and so does everyone in the Summit but LOG IN EVERY TIME YOU VISIT THE DJB PAGE! I would hate to see this prestigious Clan turn into a House, but if that number doesn't hit 40 or above we may have to consider taking that option.

Let this war begin already!

So thank you all for reading my first ever report! I hope I did well on it and any tips or advice that you guys could give me I'd be more than willing to take. I'm also looking for a heading. Some green will come from that as well.

I hope everyone enjoys the vendetta about to come up AND I HOPE TO SADOW THAT WE PLACE SOMEWHERE WITH THE BIG BOYS! Anyways I'm off to my audition. Take care everyone!

tl:dr First report ever, vendetta coming up tomorrow or Friday, LOG IN!

Loving it. Good work Sebz!

Thanks Kalon!

Nice first report!

Good stuff, this. Keep it up, buddy!

That's how you do it!

Nice one Worm!

Thank you everyone! :D

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