Shadow's Bane Report #6: Winds do change


Shadow's Bane Report #6: Winds do change


Hello everyone, and welcome to my last report as BTL of Shadow's Bane. We've got lots of things to discuss, so lets get to it!

Huge thanks

Many thanks to V'yr and the Herald's office for making this glorious header for reports! (Yes I wanted it this dark)

Second, to all of you guys who have made this position enjoyable. From the Journeymen to the scary Elders, thank you for handling me and my apple juice rants. :)

And last but not least, my BTS DarkBlade. I see the team going places with you at the helm. I look forward to seeing what you've accomplished later on in life with this prestigious team.

No more crying children. On to some recognition! :D


JH Darkblade

  • Promoted from Guardian to Jedi Hunter
  • 139 Clusters of Fire
  • 1x Ruby Star
  • 3x Sapphire Star
  • 1x DarkSide Scroll
  • 3x Scrolls of Foundation
  • 1x Pendant of Blood
  • 1x Amethyst Star

That's all the recogniton/shinies that I have received from the mail. Summers almost done and I hope DarkBlade gets more memos in the future!


If some of you didn't get the reference to Mary Poppins in the title (I almost make it my priority to not forget the references(another one)), I am resigning. The real time battle between real life and the DJB is something I do not wish to experience. In the mean time, I see the position of BTL to be filled by someone looking to get a boost into the impressive world that is the DJB. I hope to be online here or there, and on Telegram, but as of now my soul belongs to marching band and the theater. I hope I'm not drained by the time I'm back.

As a captain leaves, his first mate takes over the wheel. I will be leaving the BT under the care of DarkBlade (he's also your BTS) until he or Sang decide what will be best for the BT. A message from DarkBlade.

Hands keyboard to DarkBlade

Hello everyone. I'm glad to take the battleteam. I'm looking forward to work with everyone. At the moment I'm on vacation till August 4th but can be contacted by email or Telegram.

Hands keyboard back to Sebz

There you go, your captain has spoken. As for me, I shall be signing off for now (I'll still be active here or there) until around Christmas. I will try and see if I can get onto Telegram every so often to chat with you guys. This has the been your former captain speaking, pleasant sailing!

Signed and sealed

DJK Sebz Janren

JH DarkBlade

Thank you for your service Sebz!

And congrats to DB!! :)

Sebz, thanks for everything buddy. Together with Bob, you were one of my examples when I took office as btl and I learned a lot from looking at your work.

Good luck and see you on telegram!

Congrats DB, make it count!

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