Shadows Bane BTS Report January 2016


Shadows Bane BTS Report January 2016

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Shadows Bane

header Jan 2016

2016 Off with a BANG!

Well everyone has kicked off the new year with huge success for not only Shadows Bane but Clan Naga Sadow as well. What a great way to start the new year off. This is my first report as your New B/T Sergeant, I look forward to having a great year with all of you!!


Adept Xia Long * No Reported Activity
Lieutenant Colonel Jeric Cyrin * No reported Activity
Warrior DarkHawk * Pendant of Blood x6
* Cluster of Earth x10
* Participated in More than Words Competition
* Participate in Call from a Past Life Competition
* Completed Dark Maven Combat Degree
* Completed Dark Maven Lore Degree
Warrior Armad * Transferred from Night Raptors
* Participated in Operation Cobalt When in Doubt Fight 6 PvP events
* Participated in Mobile Gaming January: Sprinkle Island
* Participated in Galaxy of Heroes
* Participated in Operation Cobalt Always Consult the Locals
* Participated in [Dinaari Presents] When slacking Pays Off
* Participated in Galaxy of Heroes: Squad Arena Ranking
* Participated in Dark Brotherhood Flash Game Knockout Championship
* Clusters of Fire x49
* Crescent with Sapphire x1
* Cluster of Ice x1
Knight Sebz Janren * No Activity Reported
Captain Aexod Burgoo * Participated in 28 Flashpoints SWTOR Missions
* Participated in 4 SWTOR Heroic Missions
* Participated in 2 Operation SWTOR Missions
* Participated in I Challenge Thee to a Duel competition
* Participated in Mobile Gaming Sprinkle Island competition
* Participated in Flashfest competition
* Participated in Jedi Academy Ladder
* Participated in Operation Cobalt
* Participated in Jedi Academy Bracket
* Participated in When in Doubt Fight Competition
* Participated in [Dinaari Presents] When Slacking Pays off
* Clusters of Earth x211
* 1 crescent with Amethyst Star x1
* 1 Anteian Cross x1
* Cluster of Ice x6
* Cluster of Fire x6
* Pendant of Blood x3
Acolyte Ingram Thorpe * No Activity Reported
Acolyte Marcus Nye * Transferred over from Rogues
* Participated in 3 Rift Compitiions (Diablo)
* Completed ACC Combat Studies
* Completed Astronomy Studies
* Clusters of Earth x15
Acolyte Kalu Burgoo * Participated in Flashpoint SWTOR
* Participated in Heroic SWTOR
* Participated in Flashfest
* Cluster of Ice x1
* Cluster of Earth x19
* Completed Trivia for a New Age
Neophyte Nayc Gai * No Activity Reported
Neophyte Fenn Eshka’lya * No Activity Reported
Proselyte Tormax Teraah * No Activity Reported

Current DJB News

Clan Naga Sadow tore it for Operation Cobalt we had three members get awarded 1st -3rd. Truly we are part of the best Clan in the Brotherhood. I would not have wanted to come back to any other Clan!

Upcoming Events

We have some great competitions about to kick off in the month of February. Make some time for yourselves and take part in any one of them! Also do not forget about our gaming platforms and earn yourself some Clusters!

Final Words

I want everyone to know that I am always available for questions or if you need anything. I am on SWTOR most days during the day for a couple hours so always looking to meet up and do some missions with fellow DJB’ers! If you need anything at all please do not hesitate to contact myself or Captain Aexod.

Warrior DarkHawk (Sith) / BTS / Battle Team Shadow's Bane of House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow

Captain Aexod Burgoo (Loyalist) / BTL / Battle Team Shadow's Bane of House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow

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