[Shadows Unveiled] Chapter 2


[Shadows Unveiled] Chapter 2

Shadows Unveiled Chapter 2

The Fount of Learning The Nexus of Light
Pendroh-I, Pendroh System
The Inner Rim
40 ABY

“The days start comin’ and don’t stop comin’.”

It was a saying her village elders had been fond of repeating back home. Saira O’Setera used to find it an odd bit of wisdom, yet now her mind kept returning to the notion. The days since her arrival at the Nexus of Light had evolved into weeks and now months. The flurry of excitement gave way to the mountain of learning, practice, and preparation. Saira found it a comforting thought that she had tapped into the wisdom of her elders; it did seem a lifetime since she first stepped off that shuttle, being greeted by The Harbinger.

“Stop daydreaming, you’ll lose that top of class standing of yours,” Qru’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She blushed and quickly looked around to see who would have noticed. They were luckily mostly alone, and the slightly musical tones of the giant fountain they sat next to managed to mask Qru's comment enough that no one noticed.

“Oh, shush, I am not top of any of our classes,” she retorted, looking back down at her notes.

Qru began to imitate voices. “'Oh, another perfect demonstration by Apprentice Saira!', 'That was so insightful, Saira!', 'Qru, you really should take a page out of Saira’s book.'”

Saira gave a light punch to Qru’s shoulder before giving another quick glance. The shrill, over-the-top rendition from Qru did manage to carry enough to bring their conversation to the attention of the other apprentices.

“That last one is only ‘cause you disappear from class, and never finish any of the training sessions,” she said as she shook her head.

“I pass all our exams and evaluations. Who has time to just sit there and study?” Qru replied.

A soft chime sounded.

“Oh, good, time for The Lightbeam to explain how you are revolutionizing the research here,” he continued. He stood quickly and offered a hand to Saira to help her to her feet.

“Someday you will need to tell me what is so interesting as to keep you away from all of this,” Saira said, taking his hand. Standing, she quickly gathered her things.

“What about this place isn’t interesting?” Qru asked.

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  • Time has moved quickly for the new Lightbringers! Classes continue and Saira O’Setera has set herself apart as the top of the class, driven by her need to know all she can.
  • The more laidback Qru Avajor does impress with shrill imitations of their educators.
  • Ernesto Hayes has moved from Novice to a full-fledged member of the Grayblades a section of the Truthwardens that focuses on internal threats.
  • His hesitancy to validate intel about a spy in the Lightbringers, leads several of the leaders in the Grayblades to question his loyalty.
  • Offended, Hayes is still sent to see the Unifier.
  • Acolyte Kikiri has moved from slavehood to pupil within the Fateweavers a section within the Shadowseers focused on divining the future.
  • She clashes with the Loom, leader of the Fateweavers.
  • The Seer had heard of these fights, including that Kikiri sent her own information to the Grayblades instead of the information the Loom had desired.
  • The Seer proposes a group ritual to find the truth of who the spy is.
  • Apprentice Saira trains in blade work against fellow Apprentice Sumsgu. Her mastery of Soresu wins in the end.
  • She is given high praise from the Pyre, leader of the Flamesparkers. The Harbinger arrives and praises her as well before dismissing the class so he and the Pyre can speak in private.
  • Ernesto Hayes has a heart-to-heart with the Unifier, Dolori s’Amet. Goaded into some self-confidence he finally validates the intel they have on the spy.
  • He is then ordered by Dolori to venture to the execution of the spy as representative of all of the Truthwardens.
  • The Seer, The Loom, and Kikiri share a vision over the spy. Kikiri is proven correct, but she kills the Loom before the Loom can stop her.
  • The Seer names Kikiri to be the new Loom, leader of the Fateweavers.


More Info

Hello everyone! Welcome to Chapter II of Shadows Unveiled. I apologize for the gap between these releases, I’ve had some health things pop up which made it a bit difficult to get this update done. We’ve got some new information that has dropped about the structure of the Children, so check out the updated org chart above, and the updated Wikipedia page.

As some of you may be aware, each clan is slowly earning research points regarding the crystals. At present, there have been a total of 6 points distributed to each clan, with some more on the way. However, the chance to earn a “bonus” set of points is now available. Each clan has the opportunity to earn extra points via participation in Operation SPYFALL. This fiction event sends you to Pendroh-I in an attempt to recover information obtained by our spy within the Children’s organization.

With that, I hope you all enjoy this new chapter and look forward to the chapter 3 update as we get ready to move into the GJW!



Also: First.

Very well written. This is gonna be epic.

It's still gonna be a mother...read between the lines people. It's all there for you to see! I know the truth!

I'll write you a mother, Kam. Slow smiles

Maybe the real mother was the friends we made along the way.

The Seer seems nice

So uh... What's going on with the Collective?

The Collective is still rebuilding following their loss in the war. They will return down the road once they’ve had a breather as our primary antagonist.

Based off all the recent voice reports, Rath Oligard lives, saved thanks to Avitus. Due to surviving from a Force ritual Rath went crazy and clawed out his own eyes vowing revenge. Avitus fled and eventually found the Seer. The bulk of Collective forces were destroyed in the war on Arx with other supplies stolen by Avitus. The are rebuilding to return to their former might.

@xen did I get that right?

Yeah that’s more or less it Drac. Good synopsis work there. Given people definitely made it clear they had Collective burn out this was a breaking them into a rebuilding phase was a simple way to get them out of the way for a spell. Now we have two radically different antagonist groups we can utilize so hopefully there is less of the burnout on only one going forward.

someone is a fan of Wanted :p

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